How To Get Used To Sex When You’ve Been Raised To Be Ashamed

We are not the lies we were taught. We are not the mistakes we’ve made. We are not the sexual dysfunction we experience. We are children of the Living God.

How To Get Used To Sex When You’ve Been Raised To Be Ashamed

What Girls Notice About Guys

Relationship Advice

The Nature of Love

There is something they never tell you

About the nature of love

Perhaps it is divine

Or sent from above

Most embrace the mystery

Laughing joyfully as they go

But some resist temptation

And fight to keep control

Not all understand this

But those who do will know

The more you deny the feeling

The stronger it will grow


How To Ask A Girl Out Without Seeming Creepy

My husband asked me to talk about how to ask a girl out without seeming creepy. Here is my advice!

Marriage: It’s Not About You

My latest for Iron Ladies:

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Sex and Love

The Scarlet Virgins

“Secular culture tells us that, before we enter into marriage, we need to ‘try’ each other out sexually. This culture has a large focus on love in connection with sex and attraction. On the flip-side, legalistic purity culture often¬†dictates that marriage is more about obligation, and some facets even claim that love is only a choice¬†as opposed to a feeling.

In this episode, Rebecca seeks to unite what each culture gets right about sex and love while dispelling the incorrect and faulty assumptions found on both sides.”

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Singleness and Relationships

“The vocations of singleness and marriage are ones that can be mishandled by the modern Christian church. Imbalance has come about in thinking about and discussing both vocations, often due to misrepresentation, twisting of scripture, and a lack of empathy.

In this episode, Rebecca discusses the importance of viewing the vocations of this life through a holistic mindset and not being caught up in counting the quantity of people in any given vocation.”

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How To Maintain Health Communication

Here is my latest article for Anne Cohen on 5 Ways To Keep Healthy Communication in Relationships!

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