The Nature of Love

There is something they never tell you

About the nature of love

Perhaps it is divine

Or sent from above

Most embrace the mystery

Laughing joyfully as they go

But some resist temptation

And fight to keep control

Not all understand this

But those who do will know

The more you deny the feeling

The stronger it will grow



A web was spun

A secret plea

Will you keep something for me?

A startled cry

A shadow’s ghost

The one thing that is missed the most

Certainly no victor’s song

Amidst the ruble of this dawn

Everything I loved is gone

Darkness falls upon the sky

Black wings take her high

As fire falls and sparks fly



An inferno rages within

Of heaven, madness, and sin

And everything that has ever been

On top of this volcano you’ll see

Everything I’ve ever professed to be

And that my freedom is not reality

Smoldering ashes grace the sky

Rage and anger keep me alive

By blood and ink I will survive

Your sweet attempts to pull me back

Will prompt the monster to attack

Due to the words that I lack

I won’t speak because I know

The truth that boils just below

To keep you from it I will go

Into the inferno


A huntress with a long black braid

Had a dress with a slight fade

She stepped in and gladly paid

Coming quickly to my aid

I followed her with intrigue

She was quite a woman indeed

Outside she took her noble steed

And played with her necklace of turquoise bead

“Who are you?” I asked of her

As she spoke into her horse’s fur

Smelling sweetly of myrrh

The rest I’m afraid was all a blur

She put her arm around my waist

And did not hesitate

Reaching up to get a taste

Her lips were honey-laced

The huntress led me to

A cabin that was far from new

I’ll never forget the lovely view

Of being tangled up in you.

Small Town Playground Part 1

Here in a small town playground

Giggles are the only sound

Apart from water raining down

As we race round and round

I never thought that I would fall

But I guess love comes for us all

Whether it be through a thick southern drawl

Or watching you lean perfectly against the wall

The shadows could reveal

How we both feel

If we let this be real

But I do all I’ve ever known

Run away from you and towards my home

I’ll never pick up the phone

I can’t see these feelings as my own

I shed a tear

Wishing you were near

These feelings sear

But I can only run into the fear

The Hotel

There is an edge of the night

Where love and lust fight

Under a dim bar light


They’re both not the type

But about to lose sight

Of wrong and right


They’re both so clever

Business or pleasure?

It’s just whatever


Both thinking it won’t sever

Their relationships with whomever

Because they’ll find out, well, never!


Chasing sparks and fireworks

Passing the knowing smile of the clerk’s

Not caring who whose heart hurts

Or that this will start the waterworks


They entertain their savage lust

Betraying those who trust

Soon the hotel door will bust

And their little fling combust


We went down to the stream

To live out a dream

Away from those who have seen

The desire kindled in between

The trees surround

And drowned out the sound

Of the way our hearts pound

The fire burning all around

A spark would ignite

The edge of the night

While you take delight

In holding me tight


Here With Me

Somehow I thought you’d be here

Right where I left you

I’ve come back to relive

The moment I first met you

I’m drowning in the memory

Of the people we used to be

How could such a tragedy

Take you into eternity?

How we rewrote history

Is still quite a mystery

Although we took the victory

I wish you were still here with me

The Way You See Me

I have freckles but you don’t seem to mind

It’s alright, we’re just killing time

I’m not strong or thin or a dime

None of the things boys want to find

My hair is brown and plain

And my eyes are just the same

But you just call my name

And say it’s such a shame

You wish I could borrow your eyes

You say I’d be in for a surprise

Maybe not even recognize

This body that is my disguise

What would I do if I saw myself the way you do?

I’d think it was too good to be true

You say you are among the lucky few

To really know me like you do

I don’t know if what you say is true

But I see you the same way too

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