The Basics of Sexual Pleasure

My latest: The Basics of Sexual Pleasure


Sometimes They Fly Away

“I just can’t do this anymore, Ed.” She was serious. “It’s just not going to work.”
“But Kathleen,” I pleaded, “it’s not my fault!”
I knew it was pointless to argue – this wasn’t the first time I’d had a girl break up with me after all. When a woman tells you it’s over, it’s never because they’re looking for stimulating conversation. It’s an expression of power, not an invitation to discussion.
“I don’t want to hear it. We’re done, Ed.”
There it was, the brick wall statement I couldn’t hope to bust through. I hated to hear it – we were so great together, Kathleen and I. Well, obviously she didn’t think so, but she’s not the first, like I said.
My name’s Ed. Ed Thomas. Ed Phono Thomas. ‘Ed’ is actually short for Edison. Yeah, as in Thomas Edison, inventor of the phonograph which, incidentally, should explain my middle name. I know, parents can be cruel.
Speaking of cruel, as I stood there watching Kathleen walk away I could only imagine that maybe I’d rather be burned with irons than by females. Not that I’d ascribe the word “cruel” to my new ex, necessarily, but at that moment I couldn’t think of any more appropriate adjectives.
Oh well, win-some-lose-some. Trouble is, I can’t seem to get the “win” part right. My record stands at 0-5. And that’s only counting this year since January. And it’s March. Yeah. Maybe I should go after Kathleen and thank her for helping me keep my perfect record. Maybe I should just go home.
I went home.

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Owning Sexuality Podcast Episode

Hey guys! This is a podcast episode that has been adapted from my article “How To Get Used To Sex When You’ve Been Raised To Be Ashamed”:
If you’ve been raised in purity culture and have trouble owning your own sexuality, this is the episode for you.

How To Get Used To Sex When You’ve Been Raised To Be Ashamed

We are not the lies we were taught. We are not the mistakes we’ve made. We are not the sexual dysfunction we experience. We are children of the Living God.

How To Get Used To Sex When You’ve Been Raised To Be Ashamed

Relationship Advice

The Nature of Love

There is something they never tell you

About the nature of love

Perhaps it is divine

Or sent from above

Most embrace the mystery

Laughing joyfully as they go

But some resist temptation

And fight to keep control

Not all understand this

But those who do will know

The more you deny the feeling

The stronger it will grow



An inferno rages within

Of heaven, madness, and sin

And everything that has ever been

On top of this volcano you’ll see

Everything I’ve ever professed to be

And that my freedom is not reality

Smoldering ashes grace the sky

Rage and anger keep me alive

By blood and ink I will survive

Your sweet attempts to pull me back

Will prompt the monster to attack

Due to the words that I lack

I won’t speak because I know

The truth that boils just below

To keep you from it I will go

Into the inferno

How To Ask A Girl Out Without Seeming Creepy

My husband asked me to talk about how to ask a girl out without seeming creepy. Here is my advice!

Marriage: It’s Not About You

My latest for Iron Ladies:

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