Can I Be Good and Get Into Heaven?

One of my nonreligious friends asked me a question this past week to answer on my YouTube channel. I originally planned on recording a video answer and publishing this post, but I have unexpectedly fallen ill this week (as I type this I have about a hundred degree fever). So for now, I will only be publishing this as written content, my apologies to everyone who enjoys my videos and was looking forward to this one.

Here is the question:

“If a person lives a great life, gives love to his friends, family and random strangers. If he upholds his beliefs and lives by example…

.. but he isn’t religious,

Does he get into heaven?”

There are so many things I want to say in response to this but first I’d like to say how grieved I am that Christianity is seen as a set of rules and regulations by the general population. I say this because of my background in legalism, I know that the Church has failed so many with this and I feel like this question shows that.

To begin answering this question, I must unpack a few things…

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The Most Important Thing I Will Ever Say

In my time of blogging, since August 2015, I’ve said a lot of things. After being reminded of how fragile life really is twice recently, it made me evaluate what is really important to me and look back on my content to see if I was saying what I really wanted to, and I wasn’t. In an entire year and eight months, out of three hundred posts, I’ve had ample opportunity to talk, but I could not find one in which I said exactly what I wanted to say and as much as I wanted to say. Because I was (and am) scared of the consequences. The domain change from my previous website was supposed to help me with that, but my anxiety from the previously anti-Christian crowd I ran in while pregnant still runs high.

I had friends then who believed I was on “their side” with many issues, but then later found out I was Christian. It was not a good situation and it still handicaps me mentally now to have dealt with such vehement anger and rage from people I had done nothing to. The only thing that had changed was that they found out I was Christian.

I have a lot of friends now who view me as a reasonable, maybe even intelligent person. But after this, they might not. And I have a lot of people who don’t like me (around here we call them fans, because they hate you but they can’t take their eyes off your Facebook timeline) think that I am a lot of things that I am not, and after this, they might not.

This video might change the relationships I am in, for better and for worse, but I’m done waiting and twiddling my thumbs in search of the right time and the perfect words. What people think of me is not important, not by a long shot. What is important is what I need to tell you, and it can’t wait.

I don’t care if you love me or hate me, if you read and watch everything I post or this is your first time. No matter who you are, I want you to see this.

My apologies in advance, there is a lot of crying.

A Dark and Stormy Eve

I am sorry that I had to leave

On a dark and stormy eve

I saw the Accuser deftly weave

Lies among those who believe

This is why I am bereaved

But his plan was ill-conceived

Because we are really and truly free

Yet you are trapped in legality

But if you so desired of me

I would cross this country and every sea

Just to bring you back to be

With the One who paid our fee

Whose death on the cross set us free

Most gracious and merciful is He

Will you come back with me?

The Mirror Door

The Mirror DoorWe are not who we are meant to be

Tattered clothes hang on me

And your ripped garments are plain to see

About as royal as a serving boy and girl can be
Offset by rich tapestry

But until we pay our fee

Chains remain on you and me

Who is the one that holds the key?

I see you and you see me

But that’s not how it is supposed to be

Our reflection is not reality

We serve a master cruel and mean

Our fate remaining to be seen

A curtain torn and ripped apart

Could cure the lowly sinners heart

An awful crash pierces the sky

Our new Master comes from on high

Shattered glass lies on the floor

Of the mirror door that was there before

No longer is anyone keeping score

Because of the curtain that tore

We are free forever more


The world treats us like we are all the same

Like addicts looking for someone to blame

We are trying to get a quick fix in vain

Searching for something profane

A tool to kill and ease the pain

Just something to keep us from going insane

But what if we stopped this senseless game

Of using a rush as a crutch and a cane

Which only offers temporary gain

What if we chose another lane?

What if we approached the Lion’s mane

The One who controls the wind and the rain

And called upon His wonderful name?


My Dearest Ana

My dearest Ana,

You lied to and enslaved me

For which I bear animosity

Because of your “generosity”

My body has become an atrocity

“This weight is not where I belong”

Even long after you are gone

This is my waking thought at dawn

But you see, I am not your pawn

Your pretty lies and whispers sweet

Wished to stop my heartbeat

Too bad for you, because I see

The trap that you had laid for me

All my friends and family

Worried sick of who I’d be

If your reins kept hold on me

My story has a happy ending

It is time to quit pretending

Because I have a different view

One that doesn’t include you

In Him who makes all things new

I was freed from my devil: You



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