Owning Sexuality

Hey guys!

This is a podcast episode that has been adapted from my article “How To Get Used To Sex When You’ve Been Raised To Be Ashamed” which you can find here.

If you’ve been raised in purity culture and have trouble owning your own sexuality, this is the video for you.
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Purity Culture Interview with Deeper Waters

Hi guys!

Here is my latest podcast guest appearance over at Deeper Waters! We talk about sexuality, purity culture, etc.

You can listen online here.

Or on iTunes here.


Sexual Suppression After Purity Culture

This is the second episode of The Scarlet Virgins Podcast that has been recorded for Youtube. This episode is on sexual suppression after growing up in purity culture and how it has had an impact on myself and my peers.

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Upcoming podcast and a guest post!

Hi folks!

So some weeks ago I had a few of my wonderful readers ask me to respond to a Washington Post piece called, “I’m a 32-year-old virgin, and I’m living the feminist dream.”

It took me some time but I finally got all my thoughts typed up and you can find them here over at Iron Ladies: Chastity for Feminism’s Sake?

I also wanted to let you all know I am recording a podcast episode with Deeper Waters on Saturday but you can see some of the details of that here before it happens: Deeper Waters.

As for my own podcast, my husband is working in his spare time to edit new episodes for The Scarlet Virgins Podcast. If you like my book or haven’t read it yet, you can go check the podcast out and see what I’m all about. I also did some updating to this website so that you can see all of my books in one place and see any upcoming projects on the book tab once we have an estimated release date.

We had a huge breakthrough with The Scarlet Virgins this week as I checked one of my major goals off the list: placing it in a physical book store. If you would like to support me by purchasing it from that store, it is Full Circle Bookstore in Oklahoma City.

While I was signing the copies over (with shaking hands), I realized they had a local musician playing. It was so good that I genuinely thought it was a CD playing, but it was actually live music. He was playing my favorite song and combined with the swirling emotions from handing over the books, I nearly cried. I wanted to give this guy a shout-out because his music is amazing! You can go to his website here, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here is one of his videos:

That’s all the updates I have for you now, but I’ll have a few more in the coming weeks!




Hey look at that, we’re on Nook!

Hi dear readers!

I just wanted to make an announcement and let the patient folks waiting for my fiction to go up on Nook that today is the day! For those folks who are not comfortable with buying through Amazon, we’ve gotten my fiction up on Nook with Barnes and Noble. ❤

A digital version of The Scarlet Virgins will also be available there at the end of my KDP Select period. For those waiting on both to be in iBooks, we are still working through that process and expect it to be another week or two at least.

Check out The Shadow Queen on Nook!

As always, I love you guys and I hope you are all doing well. I’m sad I have not been able to write more article here recently, but hopefully soon. Prayers for energy and health would be appreciated.

Free Chapter of The Scarlet Virgins!

Anyone here want a copy of The Scarlet Virgins and haven’t bit the bullet yet? Or are a snoopy hater who wants to know what the fuss is about? (I jest, mostly 😉) You’ll want to check this out! We are offering the first chapter for free through this link.

How To Get Used To Sex When You’ve Been Raised To Be Ashamed

We are not the lies we were taught. We are not the mistakes we’ve made. We are not the sexual dysfunction we experience. We are children of the Living God.

How To Get Used To Sex When You’ve Been Raised To Be Ashamed

My first fiction book!

I’m so excited to share my latest project with all of you! 🙂 It is a short story that I wrote called The Shadow Queen. We tried to keep the cost low so you can buy it for $0.99 cents on Amazon right now! My husband and I will be working on getting it up on Apple books and Nook for those who prefer to buy it there. Here is the synopsis:

Most curses, we are told, are broken with true love’s kiss.

But for Abigail, newly crowned queen of the realm, true love’s kiss is where the problems begin. Once the curse descends, the journey to restore her true form pits Abigail and her new husband, Luke, against daunting terrain, mighty beasts, and impossible odds.

This is a story of love and honor, heroics and valor, presented in true fairy tale style.

Video Interview With Ambitious Christian Women

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