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I’ve worked with companies before doing sponsored posts and reviews! You can see those here:¬†Wrapy: A Babywearing Product Review¬†and¬†Baby Steps Scratch Off Calendar.

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You can check out these articles for examples of guest posts that I’ve accepted: My Scars Became His,¬†I Wish I Had a Doula,¬†Being More Intentional,¬†How Parenting Has Impacted My Faith, Doctor Knows Best?, and¬†6 Indoor Activities for Little Kids.

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I have a fairly diverse portfolio including writing on sites like the Huffington Post and Homeschoolers Anonymous.

I also write for fellow bloggers, check out these articles for samples of my work:¬†Purity Rings and Good Intentions, 3 Things They Don’t Tell You About Having a Baby,¬†The First MILF Moment,¬†The Roots Of Anorexia,¬†My Kate Middleton Pregnancy,¬†Captain Abstinence,¬†6 Things I Learned After Getting Married Young, What Purity Culture Meant For My Marriage, and Eating For Two With Anorexia. We’ve also contributed here: What 25 Mothers Would Tell Their Pre-Mom Selves.

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