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Mental Health Stigma

Why I Talk About Taboo Topics

How I Deal With Kidney Stones

I got kidney stones when I was pregnant with my son. After dealing with 8 weeks of mystery pain and several ER trips, they doctors finally decided to do an ultrasound on my kidneys. They found five 3-5mm kidney stones (bilateral), two on one side and three on the other. They passed before I gave birth without lithotripsy, but then returned a few times since, seemingly due to different foods.

I detail my journey more here:

How To Deal With Kidney Stones

My Experience With Prenatal Depression

I recorded this video after one of my friends requested it because she is currently suffering from prepartum depression. When I was pregnant, no one told me there was even a term for depression related to pregnancy WHILE you are pregnant. All I ever heard about was postpartum depression.

Some of the factors funneling in to my own experience included a high stress environment at the university I was attending, in addition to several difficult health problems in pregnancy like ICP, Preeclampsia, and Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

If you currently struggle with prepartum (or prenatal) depression, please reach out to a safe person! You can always email me and talk about your feeling or lack of feeling bonded to your baby. Prenatal depression doesn’t make you a bad mom.

Road Trip Playlist!

One of the highlights from our trip was my husband asking me if “Body Like A Backroad” was “Body Like A Backhoe”.

During our recent car trip to Minneapolis, we had a lot of time on our hands to listen to music. My husband and I have extremely varied musical tastes. He hates country, and I love country. So we listened to a little bit of everything so he wouldn’t go too crazy. Here are some of our favorites!

How To Manage A Road Trip On A Low Carb, Allergy Free Diet

We took a long trip from Oklahoma to Minnesota recently and while traveling with a toddler is hard all on its own, we also had to deal with our various food allergies and the low carb diet my husband and I are on for health reasons.

Here are the things that we did to make it through!

How To Manage A Road Trip On A Low Carb, Allergy Free Diet

Body Image, Bloating & Dieting

Hey y’all!

I had to start a new special diet (on top on my diet for food allergies) recently due to candida. I was a bit nervous about it because of my struggle with anorexia so I wanted to shoot a video to talk through it and explain what is going on in my life with this particular battle front. I’m an open book, and I’m here for you if you struggle too! Any questions, just ask! 🙂

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