What Purity Culture Didn’t Teach Me About Men

My latest article is live over at The Relationship Blogger! Check it out here:

5 Things Purity Culture Didn’t Teach Me About Men


My Latest Guest Post Over at Hot Holy and Humorous!

Good morning folks!

Today I am over at Hot Holy and Humorous sharing:

What I Wish I Had Been Taught Instead of Purity Culture

“Instead of trying to make false promises and add to Scripture to up to ante to gain compliance, I wish the Powers That be would have spent time teaching us about how sex and marriage actually work.”

Read it here! 🙂

Interview with Nick Peters – Marriage, Chastity, and Aspergers

In this episode of The Scarlet Virgins Podcast, Rebecca interviews Nick Peters on what it is like to be married with Aspergers, his journey of waiting until marriage to have sex, and his insights and advice on men, sexuality, and marriage.

Nick runs a Facebook group to support men who are about to get married, it is called As Christ Loved the Church. You can find Nick at Deeper Water Apologetics and on Twitter at @ApologiaNick

Listen to the episode here or in iTunes!

#32 – 10 Self-Care Tips for the Loved Ones of The Suicidal

#32 – 10 Self-Care Tips for the Loved Ones of The Suicidal

Self-care is extremely important for anyone working to support someone through their mental health journey. I’m quite fond of the analogy of a plane crash where, in order to help others, you must first put on your own oxygen mask.

This concept underlies all of my self-care tips for those who find themselves on the end of working diligently to prevent a suicide attempt. You can read a version of this content here:

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline, there is a chat and a number to call:

SafeTALK Training:

Dear listener,

Please be advised this podcast episode is adapted from a YouTube video I put out in September of 2017. As such, it does not have my normal verbal opening or close and there is reference to the fact that it is a video. I don’t know why, but I felt a pull to use this audio from the YouTube channel this week. I hope it is helpful.

Rebecca Lemke

Listen here at the bottom of the page, or in iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Counter Purity Movement: Trading One Dysfunction for Another ft. Justin Megna

In this groundbreaking episode, Rebecca Lemke interviews Justin Megna about a topic no one else has touched: the “Counter Purity Movement.”

The Counter Purity Movement is a phrase they have coined for the scorched-earth social landscape some trod following purity culture, which includes outright hedonism, abuse within recovery communities, and versions of Christianity manipulated to be more sexually permissive.

Justin and Rebecca discuss purity culture, the Counter Purity Movement, and some of the ways in which these cultures are two sides of the same coin. They talk about their own – sometimes painful – journeys in finding their way to a healthy, holistic approach to life, love, and Christianity.

They are in complete agreement that Jesus Christ should our all-in-all and any path that leads away from him, whether hyper-legalistic or licentious, should be rejected.



Meet and Greet: 2/3/18

Dream Big, Dream Often


It’s the Meet and Greet weekend everyone!!  Strap on your party shoes and join the fun!  

Ok so here are the rules:

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Missed Flights and Bili Lights

My little family and I were supposed to board a plane to California awhile back, but we missed the flight. We did end up making it to California in December though, for a podcast recording or two and live show.

I don’t want to get into details but we were all pretty broken up about it. Part of the issue was that we had to double back to try to find my son’s birth certificate. Between missing the flight, the season change, and the stress of digging through medical papers from birth, that day was pretty dark for me.

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Live Show Recorded in California

In early December, our family was flown out to California for me to speak about purity culture at the Virtue in the Wasteland Christmas Party in addition to recording a podcast with them which you can find here. It was an amazing trip and I miss California and the folks from Legacy 1517 and ViW so much.

Here is the live recording of the show, I hope you enjoy the whole show.

Virtue In The Wasteland Christmas Party


Thank you so much to The Neighborhood for this award!

The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood Alumni

“There are times when ‘thank you’ is not quite enough.”
– Kendall F. Person, The Neighborhood Creator


It’s A Beautiful Day
by Lola Gets


On behalf of The Neighborhood, inclusive of the artists, the voting committees, the chairs and the audience, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the….

2017 The Neighborhood Award
Recipients  of  ‘OUR HIGHEST HONOR’

Our Highest Honor Rebecca Lemke, Lahoma OK * Jamal Marvelle, Indianapolis IN  Kelly Lewis, Los Angeles CA

They are such different people, from very different parts of a randomly confused United States. Each represents different demographics, that until last night when sweet home Alabama became the adult in the room, halting a cliff divide by a leary nation, perhaps not these three, but others like them may have taken it all the way. The trio walked in at separate times, all wanting to give something of themselves and needing to receive…

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