Mindset in Marriage – Life After Purity Culture

The Scarlet Virgins Podcast

“Our assumptions and internalized believes about sex can have a negative impact on the intimacy that takes place in marriage, especially when you’ve been raised in legalism or purity culture.

In this episode, Rebecca challenges some of the common mindset problems that disrupt healthy sexuality such as the nasty rumor that women aren’t sexual. She also addresses some of the insecurities that crop up for both sexes, like body imagine issues and previous sexual encounters or assaults.”

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Singleness and Relationships

“The vocations of singleness and marriage are ones that can be mishandled by the modern Christian church. Imbalance has come about in thinking about and discussing both vocations, often due to misrepresentation, twisting of scripture, and a lack of empathy.

In this episode, Rebecca discusses the importance of viewing the vocations of this life through a holistic mindset and not being caught up in counting the quantity of people in any given vocation.”

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How To Maintain Health Communication

Here is my latest article for Anne Cohen on 5 Ways To Keep Healthy Communication in Relationships!

Why You Should Buck The Norm In Relationships

This is a guest post on a window into my dating relationship with my husband. We choice to pursue a relationships despite several odds being against us, including my young age, our age difference, the way in which we went about dating which garnered a lack of support among the popular community, and our decision to wait until we got married to have sex for the first time.

Please share your love story with me, I love hearing them and seeing how diverse everyone is.

You can view the article here: Why You Should Buck The Norm In Relationships

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You Think You Know Somebody

Have you ever used the phrase, “You think you know someone”? Or heard someone else use it? I have, quite often actually. Usually I am pretty hurt when I say. The truth is, we often keep secrets from the people we should be closest to. Here is why!

5 Reasons To Choose Your Friends Wisely

My latest guest post for Anne Cohen on 5 Reasons To Choose Your Friends Wisely!

How To Get What You Deserve in a Relationship

I’ve often heard people talking about what they deserve in relationships and how they don’t know how to get it. So I’ve written a post on how to do just that!

How To Help Your Spouse Through Depression

I don’t normally talk about depression (though I do talk about anorexia and NICU PTSD), but after a conversation with my husband last night, we decided this post would be helpful to many and worth writing. And so, here we are.

Here are 5 pieces of advice for helping your spouse through a period of depression!

How To Help Your Spouse Through Depression

Does Physical Attractiveness Matter To Women?

Hey there folks! 🙂

This is another video collaboration with the Relationship Blogger, Raymond Baxtor. I’ve really enjoyed doing this video series with him and I expect we may do more in the future. If you have a question that you’d like one of us to answer, please leave me a comment in my comment’s section and I will do my best to get a response made. We really appreciate all the positive feedback and support we’ve received while doing this series.

This question for this video was: “I’ve heard that personality trumps over physical attractiveness with women – does physical attractiveness not matter too much?”

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