My Experience with the Sex Positivity Movement

Hi y’all!

I have a new article out on my experience with the sex positivity movement (hint: it’s not exactly been positive). You can read it here on Medium!

I invite you to share if you feel it resonates with you or someone you know. I’m social media free these days, so all the support I get on my work is from readers like you! Thank you 🙂

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Quick to Try CBD

In The Mad Dash To Legalize Marijuana, We’ve Been Cavalier About Its Risks

As more and more shops hawk CBD products, claiming they’re a magical cure-all to a laundry list of ailments, we should be skeptical.


My latest for The Federalist

How Nadia’s Vagina Statue Perpetuates the Problems With Purity Culture

My latest for The Federalist:

Making a statue of a vagina out of purity rings might be attention-grabbing and even perhaps cathartic, but it is not healing.

My Latest: Toxic Masculinity and Purity Culture


Because of my vocations as a wife and the mother of a son, I took interest in the Gillette commercial on toxic masculinity that caused a stir recently. When I first watched the commercial, I had difficulty deducing what exactly was so wrong with it. While I had heard of the term toxic masculinity before, it has become so prevalent and apparently inflammatory that it warranted investigation. Subsequent events, such as the “smirk off” with a young white boy and a Native American man and the involuntarily celibate young man planning on murdering women have redoubled my interest in discerning what this concept is really about…

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Social Media Fallout From Sexual Assault

In this solo episode, recorded via phone, Rebecca discusses some of the issues that come about from social media fallout of sexual assault. They include:

  • Projection
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Bullying from other survivors
  • What to do if you have been assaulted
  • How the political aspects of the discussion mirror issues from purity culture

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My thoughts on the movement abolishing “child marriage”

I don’t usually cover things like this, but I find the movement to abolish “child marriage” in the U.S. to be dishonest and inconsistent.

Moving the Minimum Age of Marriage to 18 is Bad Law

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