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Food Allergy Friendly Halloween Treats

My little one inherited some of my food allergies, which can make holidays like Halloween difficult. I did not develop my food allergies until I was well past trick or treating age, so my parents never had to worry about it. My son is still young, but as he gets older I don’t want him to feel left out on Halloween.

In recent years, I’ve come across the Teal pumpkin project, which is a great alternative for children with food allergies, but it hasn’t been well-received by everyone. The general idea is to place a teal pumpkin on your porch so parents know that your treats are safe for little ones with food allergies. Some folks take personal offense to children with food allergies being “catered to” and while I don’t expect strangers to understand or prepare for my son’s allergies, seeing teal pumpkins on porches is comforting. It is a sign of people who understand and want to be sure a child isn’t left out.

I have a few plans of my own in order to make Halloween safe and fun for my little one…

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Food Allergy Friendly Halloween Treats

Is it sinful to celebrate Halloween?

Is it sinful to celebrate Halloween?

I grew up in a little fundamentalist community, one in which any mention of Halloween was met with a hellfire and brimstone sermon about how trick or treating would send you to hell. It may come as no surprise that my parents forbade my sister and I from telling people that we did, in fact, go trick or treating.

My parents believed that Halloween was a harmless holiday that was purely for fun. It had no spiritual bearing. Because everyone else hyped their concerns up so much, we’d often facetiously say, “Man, I hope I don’t end up a child sacrifice tonight” as we walked out the door in our costume…

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7 Fall Activities for Toddlers

My toddler and I are enjoying the fall weather that has made its way to Oklahoma. We’ve had quite a few rainy days where we’ve had to stay inside, but there have also been a lot of nice days to hang out outdoors.

Fall is my favorite season, so I am really excited that my kiddo is old enough to enjoy it this year. Here are some of the things we have been up to or are looking forward to doing this year together!

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7 Fall Activities For Toddlers

Why I Didn’t Rebel Book Review

I am honored to have had the opportunity to receive an advanced copy of Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach’s Why I Didn’t Rebel to review. You may have already seen my short video review, but if not, you can find it here.

This review will contain spoilers, you’ve been warned!

For those of you who don’t know, this book is based on a post that was published on Rebecca’s mother’s site, To Love, Honor and Vacuum (which I had the opportunity to guest post on awhile back). The premise is that teenage rebellion is not inevitable, and Rebecca herself is a testament to that.

For the book, Rebecca conducted interviews with other individuals who had various different home and church lives in order to find out what does and does not influence a teenager to rebel.

Read the review here!

Why I Didn't Rebel Book Review

Why I Loved “Why I Didn’t Rebel”

I received an advance copy of Rebecca Lindenbach’s “Why I Didn’t Rebel” and let me just say, I loved it!

Why I Didn’t Rebel is a must-read message of hope and healing for both Christian parents and adolescents. Through anecdotal stories and empirical evidence, Rebecca makes a compelling case for what causes rebellion and how it can be prevented.

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Breastmilk Jewelry Review

Attention moms! Have you ever been interested in jewelry made from breastmilk, placenta, hair, or ashes?

I’ve always wanted something to save from my breastfeeding journey after my son weans. Our journey has been riddled with difficulties like our NICU stay, his tongue and lip tie, and many other frustrations that made breastfeeding difficult. Despite those things, we made it through and I wanted something to hang on to from this time in our lives.

Precious Mammaries Breast Milk Jewelry and DNA Keepsakes allowed me an opportunity to have jewelry made out of breastmilk and I am loving the necklace they made. You can learn more about the process and the company in this post.

Tips For Having “The Talk” With Your Kids

Read my latest article here: “The Talk” – 10 Tips For Talking To Your Kids About Sex”


How To Have An Induction Without Pain Medication

This is a topic that I don’t discuss often. I tend to shy away from discussing how I gave birth because I find that childbirth and, really, parenting in general, is turned in to a competition in our society. Some women think they are superior for breastfeeding, or having a “natural birth” or what have you. Even non-parent members of society can fall prey to these types of attitudes, leveling their expectations of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting at unsuspecting, emotionally vulnerable mothers. I refuse to participate in the “my horse is bigger than your horse” comparison game that many women play, which lends itself to being silent on how I gave birth.

In this case, I chose to break my silence speak up in hopes of offering support and encouragement. This is my story on how I had an emergency induction without an epidural or stadol. I hope it can encourage a few of my friends (and readers) who are nearing the end stages of their pregnancies and want to be prepared for the possibility of having an induction.

I had an emergency induction out of necessity. I know this situation can be scary, especially if you were expecting to have an uneventful birth, but emergency inductions don’t have to be a bad thing. I was induced for several different medical problems that I had throughout my pregnancy…

How To Have An Induction Without Pain Medication

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