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1 in 3 Americans Know Someone Who Has Fatally Overdosed

Check out my coverage of a new survey released by the American Addiction Centers and an exclusive interview with a Christian in recovery from drug addiction: Why Would You Do That? And Other Questions About Drugs

Christians Are Being Psychologically Re-programmed

Psychologically Programming Christians: What gay wedding cakes, Tullian Tchividjian, and POWs have in common.

Stay grounded in reality.

Stay grounded in Scripture.

Keep your wits.

Don’t succumb to the programming.

New Additions to My Self-Care Routine

Hi loves, this is my latest article!

Since my recent health diagnosis, I’ve had to adjust to the fact that at 22, I’m simply not as healthy as many of my peers and colleagues. I’m learning to adapt and finding ways to continue to pursue content creation.

5 New Additions to My Self-Care Routine


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The Ways Purity Culture Led To Anorexia

#37 – The Ways Purity Culture Led to Developing Anorexia

In this episode, Rebecca discusses the things in purity culture that led to her development of anorexia.

If you would like to find more of Rebecca’s content like media appearances, more podcast episodes, and her book The Scarlet Virgins, you can go to!

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#32 – 10 Self-Care Tips for the Loved Ones of The Suicidal

#32 – 10 Self-Care Tips for the Loved Ones of The Suicidal

Self-care is extremely important for anyone working to support someone through their mental health journey. I’m quite fond of the analogy of a plane crash where, in order to help others, you must first put on your own oxygen mask.

This concept underlies all of my self-care tips for those who find themselves on the end of working diligently to prevent a suicide attempt. You can read a version of this content here:

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline, there is a chat and a number to call:

SafeTALK Training:

Dear listener,

Please be advised this podcast episode is adapted from a YouTube video I put out in September of 2017. As such, it does not have my normal verbal opening or close and there is reference to the fact that it is a video. I don’t know why, but I felt a pull to use this audio from the YouTube channel this week. I hope it is helpful.

Rebecca Lemke

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I don’t feel safe

"I don't feel safe."

Those were the words that I told my husband last night on the living room floor, in tears.

The past few weeks, months really, have been difficult.

I continue to receive sexually charged messages, videos, and photos from men who are strangers to me. On YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. And usually, we have a mutual friend. They are part of a community, have a good job, have a family, and children. I block one, and two more pop up, like a hydra.

It is maddening to deal with, quite frequently these days, but it isn’t solely what caused my breakdown last night.

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Interview with the author of the book “Sexy” – Dr. Jeff Mallinson

Scarlet Virgins Podcast Episode #25 – Interview with the author of “Sexy” – Dr. Jeff Mallinson

In this episode, recorded live in California at Professor Mallinson’s home, Rebecca interviews the author of the book “Sexy” about finding erotic virtue in perplexing times.

Among the things discussed: the “sin of Onan,” Prostitution, Sexual Assault, Victim Blaming, Hollywood, and Christian Sexual Ethics.

I think you guys are really going to love this interview with Jeff! If you’d like to hear more from him check out his work on, and look up his book “Sexy” on Amazon.

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10 Self-Care Tips For Loved Ones Of The Suicidal

As early as preteen years I began struggling alongside friends who found themselves in a dark spiral of depression. While this didn’t always lead to suicidal ideation and attempts, there were plenty of nights that it led to staying up to see someone through the night.

I never thought much if it, though obviously it did impact me. I just thought this was what people did for their friends as they grew up and had a harder time with mental health.

One particular day after having arrived to work with bloodshot eyes I was asked if I was okay. I replied that a friend had gone through a rough night and I stayed up to help. The woman speaking with me went on a tirade about how people “like that” are users and I shouldn’t allow them to waste my time. I was shocked at the callousness and carelessness this woman displayed.

Having gone through that experience and my own struggles with suicide, I find much of the issue to be misunderstood and highly characterized. While I see the need for venting in those who help out during these times, I also see the need for sensitivity as so many suicidal folks feel that they are a burden anyway.

While I do wish to cover the topic of dealing with suicidal ideation at a later date, today I wanted to talk about self-care tips for those who find themselves on the end of working diligently to prevent a suicide attempt. Here are 10 tips I have for self-care during these times based on my own experience…

Read the rest: 10 Self-Care Tips For Love Ones Of The Suicidal


10 Self-Care Tips For Loved Ones of the Suicidal

What it is Like To Have Anorexia

This was recorded a month or two ago, but I felt like it was a good time to release it. I get a lot of questions about living with anorexia, so hopefully this answers some of them and provides some perspective.

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