How To Manage A Road Trip On A Low Carb, Allergy Free Diet

We took a long trip from Oklahoma to Minnesota recently and while traveling with a toddler is hard all on its own, we also had to deal with our various food allergies and the low carb diet my husband and I are on for health reasons.

Here are the things that we did to make it through!

How To Manage A Road Trip On A Low Carb, Allergy Free Diet


My Favorite Dairy Free Snacks

Fun fact: I’m allergic to dairy, and also a granola bar addict.

My Top Ten Favorite Dairy Free Snacks

My first allergy friendly recipe!

Hey yall!

I’m so excited to tell you about this! My husband and I worked very hard to bring you this recipe, complete with a youtube video and a printable recipe card. 🙂 I never set out to be a food blogger, but I am excited to incorporate it into my new blog over at

SO, here it is: Roasted Chicken and Vegetable Medley Recipe

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