Is it sinful to celebrate Halloween?

Is it sinful to celebrate Halloween?

I grew up in a little fundamentalist community, one in which any mention of Halloween was met with a hellfire and brimstone sermon about how trick or treating would send you to hell. It may come as no surprise that my parents forbade my sister and I from telling people that we did, in fact, go trick or treating.

My parents believed that Halloween was a harmless holiday that was purely for fun. It had no spiritual bearing. Because everyone else hyped their concerns up so much, we’d often facetiously say, “Man, I hope I don’t end up a child sacrifice tonight” as we walked out the door in our costume…

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My Latest: Feminism Can’t Fix What’s Wrong Between Men and Women

Read my latest: Feminism Can’t Fix What’s Wrong Between Men and Women

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Theological Thoughts On The Death Of Hugh Hefner

Since the recent death of Hugh Hefner, I’ve read a lot of articles about his legacy, the immorality in his life, and what kind of person he really was. The Christian and secular blogging worlds are abuzz immortalizing the man for his legacy, no matter whether they perceive it as good or bad.

I’ve seen people mourning, I’ve seen people intentionally abstaining from mourning, and I have seen people speculating about Mr. Hefner’s eternal fate. In the comments of one article, people were discussing whether or not he is in heaven after everything he did to further sexual immorality in our society.

What I’ve seen and read has left me with several thoughts that, at the prompting of my husband, I am electing to share.

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Can I Be Good and Get Into Heaven?

One of my nonreligious friends asked me a question this past week to answer on my YouTube channel. I originally planned on recording a video answer and publishing this post, but I have unexpectedly fallen ill this week (as I type this I have about a hundred degree fever). So for now, I will only be publishing this as written content, my apologies to everyone who enjoys my videos and was looking forward to this one.

Here is the question:

“If a person lives a great life, gives love to his friends, family and random strangers. If he upholds his beliefs and lives by example…

.. but he isn’t religious,

Does he get into heaven?”

There are so many things I want to say in response to this but first I’d like to say how grieved I am that Christianity is seen as a set of rules and regulations by the general population. I say this because of my background in legalism, I know that the Church has failed so many with this and I feel like this question shows that.

To begin answering this question, I must unpack a few things…

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10 Self-Care Tips For Loved Ones Of The Suicidal

As early as preteen years I began struggling alongside friends who found themselves in a dark spiral of depression. While this didn’t always lead to suicidal ideation and attempts, there were plenty of nights that it led to staying up to see someone through the night.

I never thought much if it, though obviously it did impact me. I just thought this was what people did for their friends as they grew up and had a harder time with mental health.

One particular day after having arrived to work with bloodshot eyes I was asked if I was okay. I replied that a friend had gone through a rough night and I stayed up to help. The woman speaking with me went on a tirade about how people “like that” are users and I shouldn’t allow them to waste my time. I was shocked at the callousness and carelessness this woman displayed.

Having gone through that experience and my own struggles with suicide, I find much of the issue to be misunderstood and highly characterized. While I see the need for venting in those who help out during these times, I also see the need for sensitivity as so many suicidal folks feel that they are a burden anyway.

While I do wish to cover the topic of dealing with suicidal ideation at a later date, today I wanted to talk about self-care tips for those who find themselves on the end of working diligently to prevent a suicide attempt. Here are 10 tips I have for self-care during these times based on my own experience…

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10 Self-Care Tips For Loved Ones of the Suicidal

Why I Loved “Why I Didn’t Rebel”

I received an advance copy of Rebecca Lindenbach’s “Why I Didn’t Rebel” and let me just say, I loved it!

Why I Didn’t Rebel is a must-read message of hope and healing for both Christian parents and adolescents. Through anecdotal stories and empirical evidence, Rebecca makes a compelling case for what causes rebellion and how it can be prevented.

Preorder it here!

Devotional #3 – Love and War

I’ve been asked to do live devotionals in a Facebook group called Black Coffee Prayer Room! If you’d like to join us in the group, you can request with this link:

This specific devotional is on Love and War.

Devotional #2 – The Power of Words

I’ve been asked to do live devotionals in a Facebook group called Black Coffee Prayer Room! If you’d like to join us in the group, you can request with this link:

This specific devotional is on The Power of Words

7 Thoughts From A Married Woman Healing From Purity Culture

I am super excited to be over at Jessica Harris- Beggar’s Daughter today! ❤ This post is some advice I have for married folks who are overcoming purity culture.

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