1 in 3 Americans Know Someone Who Has Fatally Overdosed

Check out my coverage of a new survey released by the American Addiction Centers and an exclusive interview with a Christian in recovery from drug addiction: Why Would You Do That? And Other Questions About Drugs

How Nadia’s Vagina Statue Perpetuates the Problems With Purity Culture

My latest for The Federalist:

Making a statue of a vagina out of purity rings might be attention-grabbing and even perhaps cathartic, but it is not healing.

My Coverage of the Southern Baptist Convention Sex Abuse Scandal

My coverage of the SBC sex abuse scandal:

My Latest: Toxic Masculinity and Purity Culture


Because of my vocations as a wife and the mother of a son, I took interest in the Gillette commercial on toxic masculinity that caused a stir recently. When I first watched the commercial, I had difficulty deducing what exactly was so wrong with it. While I had heard of the term toxic masculinity before, it has become so prevalent and apparently inflammatory that it warranted investigation. Subsequent events, such as the “smirk off” with a young white boy and a Native American man and the involuntarily celibate young man planning on murdering women have redoubled my interest in discerning what this concept is really about…

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My Latest for The Federalist: Healing From Purity Culture

My latest article for The Federalist is out: Healing From Purity Culture Without Rebounding to Something Worse

On Apologetics and Genetics

My husband and I sat down and recorded a discussion on how we predict the discipline of apologetics will change in the coming years out of necessity due to new scientific research on the human genome.

What’s the best diet?

My husband, the dietician, answers the question of what the best diet is: 

I Appeared In I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye

After several months of sitting on the news, I can finally announce on the release date of the film that I appeared in the documentary I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye!

The film can be viewed here:

My appearance is around the 50 minute mark.

As I caution I will say I do not endorse the views of everyone who participated in the film. My own views can be found in my book, The Scarlet Virgins (physicaldigital, and audio versions are available).

I am proud to call Joshua a friend and am thrilled to see his commitment to integrity as a Christian thought leader, would that others would follow in his footsteps.

A big thank you to the team that worked on this film, please continue to pray for them as it is received by the public.

A Necessary Post – Purity Culture, ChurchToo, and Voices

I am thankful for my husband and his courageous voice today.

“I believe that Virtue in the Wasteland has shown poor judgement in their publication of an interview with Emily Joy, the co-founder of #churchtoo.

I am publicly pleading with them to repudiate those elements of her message that are repugnant to the believing Christian faith (which, to be sure, are most of them) in no uncertain terms.

Please gentlemen, take this opportunity to prove the detractors of 1517 and its various projects wrong.”

Voices in the Wilderness: a plea for discernment to Virtue in the Wasteland

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