Mindset in Marriage – Life After Purity Culture

The Scarlet Virgins Podcast

“Our assumptions and internalized believes about sex can have a negative impact on the intimacy that takes place in marriage, especially when you’ve been raised in legalism or purity culture.

In this episode, Rebecca challenges some of the common mindset problems that disrupt healthy sexuality such as the nasty rumor that women aren’t sexual. She also addresses some of the insecurities that crop up for both sexes, like body imagine issues and previous sexual encounters or assaults.”

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Singleness and Relationships

“The vocations of singleness and marriage are ones that can be mishandled by the modern Christian church. Imbalance has come about in thinking about and discussing both vocations, often due to misrepresentation, twisting of scripture, and a lack of empathy.

In this episode, Rebecca discusses the importance of viewing the vocations of this life through a holistic mindset and not being caught up in counting the quantity of people in any given vocation.”

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“Growing up, Rebecca was taught that modesty was a woman’s issue. She was told that men were visual and didn’t possess self-control, so it was the duty of her and her female friends to keep their male companions on the straight and narrow.

After leaving modesty and purity culture, Rebecca was introduced to the idea that women play no part in loving their male neighbors through their wardrobe. This rhetoric left her thinking: Am I my brother’s keeper?

In this episode, she recounts her experiences with both of these schools of thought and offers her Christ-focused approach as an alternative.”

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How To Have An Induction Without Pain Medication

This is a topic that I don’t discuss often. I tend to shy away from discussing how I gave birth because I find that childbirth and, really, parenting in general, is turned in to a competition in our society. Some women think they are superior for breastfeeding, or having a “natural birth” or what have you. Even non-parent members of society can fall prey to these types of attitudes, leveling their expectations of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting at unsuspecting, emotionally vulnerable mothers. I refuse to participate in the “my horse is bigger than your horse” comparison game that many women play, which lends itself to being silent on how I gave birth.

In this case, I chose to break my silence speak up in hopes of offering support and encouragement. This is my story on how I had an emergency induction without an epidural or stadol. I hope it can encourage a few of my friends (and readers) who are nearing the end stages of their pregnancies and want to be prepared for the possibility of having an induction.

I had an emergency induction out of necessity. I know this situation can be scary, especially if you were expecting to have an uneventful birth, but emergency inductions don’t have to be a bad thing. I was induced for several different medical problems that I had throughout my pregnancy…

How To Have An Induction Without Pain Medication

We Saw Pro-Life Figure Abby Johnson

I had the privilege of attending God’s Best Gift with a family member, and Abby Johnson: ProWoman, ProChild, ProLife was a speaker there!

We learned so much from her and her testimony, some of which you can find in this video on our way home, but the most shocking thing for both of us was the rates of suicide among post abortive mothers.

Post abortive mothers are 6 times more likely to commit suicide. Please do not be afraid to reach out and get help! If you are post abortive (it doesn’t matter by how much) and struggle with what happened, please find a local Eden Clinic where they can offer you counseling tailored to your needs and if you need to, call the national suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255.

The Most Important Thing I Will Ever Say

In my time of blogging, since August 2015, I’ve said a lot of things. After being reminded of how fragile life really is twice recently, it made me evaluate what is really important to me and look back on my content to see if I was saying what I really wanted to, and I wasn’t. In an entire year and eight months, out of three hundred posts, I’ve had ample opportunity to talk, but I could not find one in which I said exactly what I wanted to say and as much as I wanted to say. Because I was (and am) scared of the consequences. The domain change from my previous website was supposed to help me with that, but my anxiety from the previously anti-Christian crowd I ran in while pregnant still runs high.

I had friends then who believed I was on “their side” with many issues, but then later found out I was Christian. It was not a good situation and it still handicaps me mentally now to have dealt with such vehement anger and rage from people I had done nothing to. The only thing that had changed was that they found out I was Christian.

I have a lot of friends now who view me as a reasonable, maybe even intelligent person. But after this, they might not. And I have a lot of people who don’t like me (around here we call them fans, because they hate you but they can’t take their eyes off your Facebook timeline) think that I am a lot of things that I am not, and after this, they might not.

This video might change the relationships I am in, for better and for worse, but I’m done waiting and twiddling my thumbs in search of the right time and the perfect words. What people think of me is not important, not by a long shot. What is important is what I need to tell you, and it can’t wait.

I don’t care if you love me or hate me, if you read and watch everything I post or this is your first time. No matter who you are, I want you to see this.

My apologies in advance, there is a lot of crying.

The Mirror Door

The Mirror DoorWe are not who we are meant to be

Tattered clothes hang on me

And your ripped garments are plain to see

About as royal as a serving boy and girl can be
Offset by rich tapestry

But until we pay our fee

Chains remain on you and me

Who is the one that holds the key?

I see you and you see me

But that’s not how it is supposed to be

Our reflection is not reality

We serve a master cruel and mean

Our fate remaining to be seen

A curtain torn and ripped apart

Could cure the lowly sinners heart

An awful crash pierces the sky

Our new Master comes from on high

Shattered glass lies on the floor

Of the mirror door that was there before

No longer is anyone keeping score

Because of the curtain that tore

We are free forever more


The world treats us like we are all the same

Like addicts looking for someone to blame

We are trying to get a quick fix in vain

Searching for something profane

A tool to kill and ease the pain

Just something to keep us from going insane

But what if we stopped this senseless game

Of using a rush as a crutch and a cane

Which only offers temporary gain

What if we chose another lane?

What if we approached the Lion’s mane

The One who controls the wind and the rain

And called upon His wonderful name?


Mom Fail: Teaching My Son About Prayer

Do y’all ever have those moments when you are trying to be a good mom and then all of a sudden you’ve accidentally scarred your kid for life? No? Well, I had one trying to teach my son about prayer! 😱

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