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How To Have An Induction Without Pain Medication

This is a topic that I don’t discuss often. I tend to shy away from discussing how I gave birth because I find that childbirth and, really, parenting in general, is turned in to a competition in our society. Some women think they are superior for breastfeeding, or having a “natural birth” or what have you. Even non-parent members of society can fall prey to these types of attitudes, leveling their expectations of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting at unsuspecting, emotionally vulnerable mothers. I refuse to participate in the “my horse is bigger than your horse” comparison game that many women play, which lends itself to being silent on how I gave birth.

In this case, I chose to break my silence speak up in hopes of offering support and encouragement. This is my story on how I had an emergency induction without an epidural or stadol. I hope it can encourage a few of my friends (and readers) who are nearing the end stages of their pregnancies and want to be prepared for the possibility of having an induction.

I had an emergency induction out of necessity. I know this situation can be scary, especially if you were expecting to have an uneventful birth, but emergency inductions don’t have to be a bad thing. I was induced for several different medical problems that I had throughout my pregnancy…

How To Have An Induction Without Pain Medication

5 Ways To Stop A Baby From Twiddling


How To Manage A Road Trip On A Low Carb, Allergy Free Diet

We took a long trip from Oklahoma to Minnesota recently and while traveling with a toddler is hard all on its own, we also had to deal with our various food allergies and the low carb diet my husband and I are on for health reasons.

Here are the things that we did to make it through!

How To Manage A Road Trip On A Low Carb, Allergy Free Diet

Garden Tour and Seed Stash 2017

What is everyone planting this year?

100% Pure Haul

I’m no beauty guru, but I do love playing around with makeup and girly things on occasion. Here is my complete stash of 100% Pure products!

What’s your favorite 100% Pure product?

100% Pure Haul

How To Stuff Cloth Diapers

This is a video on how to stuff Grovia, BumGenius and Rumparooz cloth diapers…my son helped me while recording. 😉
How To Stuff Cloth Diapers

Childhood Memories in Nature

I grew up in an agricultural community, so I spent a lot of my childhood playing outside and interacting with plants and animals. I think that being out in nature for children is not just important, it is essential. Here are some of my favorite childhood memories from being in the great outdoors and why I think they were good for me.

Childhood Memories in Nature

Why I’m Not A Crunchy Mom

I have received some pushback for excommunicating myself from “crunchy mom groups” and asking to not be called a “Crunchy mom”. This will explain a little bit of the reasoning behind that decision.

Why I Don’t Use The Term Crunchy (Anymore)

Natural Bathroom Essentials

“If you’ve been following my blog, by now you’ve probably noticed that our family leans towards using natural products. There are a lot of benefits to using more natural products (they tend to be environmentally friendly and cruelty free), but for us a lot of it comes down to our health. There are a lot of ingredients that we simply cannot be exposed to due to chemical sensitivities and allergies, many of which are in your standard bathroom products like shampoo, soap, toothpaste and so forth. There are even some things in our water that we avoid!”
Read More: Natural Bathroom Essentials

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