5 Ways To Stop A Baby From Twiddling



Why I Won’t Go To A Nurse-In

Back when I was in some popular “crunchy” mom groups on social media, Nurse-Ins were (and I’m sure still are) all the rage. Usually a Nurse-In was set up when a business had asked a breastfeeding mom to cover up while nursing, and a group of mothers would go to that business and sit outside of it nursing any way they deemed fit (however demure or flamboyantly that ended up being), claiming they were window shopping so they wouldn’t get in legal trouble. A lot of the mothers would get excited, ecstatic even, when there was a possibility of a Nurse-In. Even some of the mothers I had a great deal of respect for participated wholeheartedly. They thrived on talking about breastfeeding rights, and regularly invited me to join them.

I never did. I didn’t want to. But that alone would never be a good enough reason for them (and when put to the test, wasn’t), because many acted as if a person who didn’t physically show up at a business to feed their baby because another breastfeeding mom had been wronged there was worthy of the highest form of social justice warrioring to “educate” on why it is a necessity to keep our breastfeeding rights.

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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Breastfeeding

It isn’t enough to decide that “breast is best”. You see, you have to breastfeed a certain to be accepted into the cool club of “real breastfeeders”. Read More 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Breastfeeding

Boobs are Both

“Boobs are ONLY for babies! Boobs are ONLY for husbands! Guess what ladies, you are both pretty, so quit screaming about your tits.They’re multipurpose!”

Calm Your Tits, Boobs are Both!

Why I Don’t Post Breastfeeding Photos

Hi there!

I realize this could be a bit of a controversial topic, and in fact might be the topics that drives me to censorship and a comment policy, but here is hoping that is not the case.

I wanted to write about this because I think something that many people miss is how breastfeeding rhetoric can effect your marriage and relationships. I will probably talk about this more in the future, but for now please enough this latest post:

Why I Don’t Post Breastfeeding Photos Online

Leave me a comment, if you have something nice or constructive to say. 😉

How to Stop a Baby From Twiddling

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If you are like me, your baby likes to soothe themselves while nursing or falling asleep by twiddling. Twiddling is when your baby grabs the nipple that they are not nursing on and basically does everything short of twist it off. :O It can be very painful and cause nipple trauma and bleeding.

For some women, they can wear a tight bra or shirt and avoid this, but Bubba will contort his arms and little fingers any way he has to in order to reach a nipple to twiddle.

Despite Bubba’s persistence and determination to twiddle, there have been some things we’ve used that have significantly decreased or completely stopped the twiddling.

Here you go!

5 Battle-Tested Tips to Combat Twiddling

Do you have any tried and true tricks to stop twiddling? 🙂

We Made a Breastfeeding Cover!

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Our neighbor helped us make a breastfeeding cover after we changed our views on breastfeeding in public.

See what Bubba thinks of the change here! ❤

Our Homemade Breastfeeding Cover: Going From Uncovered to Covered

How We Survived Bubba’s First Cold

“We took Bubba to the doctor during his cold. He spiked a fever of 100 degrees for a few hours during the first part of his sickness and it went away quickly, but since he had a bad cough we did not want to risk missing something important. We did not take him to urgent care or the emergency room because RSV and other dangerous things were going around. Instead, we snagged an appointment with a local pediatrician and took him in.”

8 Things We Did To Survive Bubba’s First Cold

Changing Views On Breastfeeding – New Crunchy Mom

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Bubba and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! We’ve made a few changes in our lives recently in preparation for the New Year, one specifically being us changing views on breastfeeding.

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