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Interview on Law and Gospel with Pastor Eric Brown

The Scarlet Virgins Episode #34 – Interview on Law and Gospel with Eric Brown

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In this episode, Rebecca interviews her childhood Pastor from the small town LCMS congregation she attended for 18 years.

The discussion includes: Defining Law and Gospel, the three functions of the Law, balancing Law and Gospel, and answering the questions below.

What is a young person to do in the face of their friend’s promiscuity?

Do you, as a pastor, regret any of your earlier teachings? Have they stayed consisted throughout your ministry?

The book of Revelation being abused (think #raptureanxiety)

What does a congregant do if their church is going down a bad, perhaps legalist, road?

What did you think of the application of Law and Gospel in Rachael Denhollander’s case?

How do you determine how a person needs to hear more Law or Gospel? Is there a process or is it mostly just a feeling and experience? How do you ensure the Gospel predominates, as Walther says it must?

Some words for those who are spiritually homeless (those who do not have a church)

Did you ever notice I was being exposed and slipping into legalism?

Do you have any funny stories of me as a child?

(Featuring what happens when you forget your Latin book in Pastor’s class.)

Articles of Pastor Brown’s to read:

What does sin boldly mean?

Be Slow To Define Sin for Your Neighbor

Pastor’s Blog:

Confessional Gadfly

Pastor’s Podcasts:

Count it All Joy Show Podcast

(earlier episodes can be found here)


“I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye”: An interview with filmmaker Jessica Wyngaard

#33 – “I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye”: An interview with filmmaker Jessica Wyngaard

In this episode, Rebecca interviews the director of I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Jessica Wyngaard.

They chat about how Jessica met Joshua Harris, how she deal with her emotions towards his book, her upcoming documentary, and women’s vocations.

The documentary website:

Jessica’s email:


Recovering Grace’s Lawsuit and Bill Gothard

On Tuesday night, word reached me that Recovering Grace withdrew their lawsuit against Bill Gothard and his institution due to “ . . . the unique complexities of this case, including the statutes of limitation.”

For those that may not know Gothard, many young women have come forward with stories of molestation at his hands (stories that are hard to prove because of the kind of sexual assaults they were), made easier by unique grooming and teachings that he promoted. I grew up with some of these teachings, as did many others who did not directly grow up in ATI or ever hear his name. They are spiritually damaging.

This news was, and is, heartbreaking to me. I have met some of these young women and I have personally been healed by Recovering Grace’s ministry. I was, and am, so proud of them for handling things the way they have, pursuing the appropriate channels within the legal system.

While I am on a leave of absence from writing articles and non-fiction, I found that I could not process this news without writing. This article is my response to the news, as well as Rachel Darnall’s.

Please pray for the folks at Recovering Grace, and all who are reeling from this shock.

Read the article here via Iron Ladies

Podcast Interview on Purity Culture with Theology Gals

Hi dear readers and listeners,

My most recent podcast interview with Theology Gals is out, you can find it here:

Listen Online here

Some things we discussed/questions answered:

How does purity culture follows people into marriage?

The “Eternal, paternal identity crisis”

How can we teach our children to think about sex Biblically?

Why is purity culture so heavily directed only at girls?

Has purity culture had any affect on pornography culture?

Are purity rings a good idea?

“I was taught that you had to give it whenever they wanted it or they’d find it elsewhere. I was taught men are animals and women were for their use. How have these ideas hurt sex in marriages?”

Theology Gals is giving away a copy of my book, The Scarlet Virgins! You can enter to win here!

#32 – 10 Self-Care Tips for the Loved Ones of The Suicidal

#32 – 10 Self-Care Tips for the Loved Ones of The Suicidal

Self-care is extremely important for anyone working to support someone through their mental health journey. I’m quite fond of the analogy of a plane crash where, in order to help others, you must first put on your own oxygen mask.

This concept underlies all of my self-care tips for those who find themselves on the end of working diligently to prevent a suicide attempt. You can read a version of this content here:

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline, there is a chat and a number to call:

SafeTALK Training:

Dear listener,

Please be advised this podcast episode is adapted from a YouTube video I put out in September of 2017. As such, it does not have my normal verbal opening or close and there is reference to the fact that it is a video. I don’t know why, but I felt a pull to use this audio from the YouTube channel this week. I hope it is helpful.

Rebecca Lemke

Listen here at the bottom of the page, or in iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play.

Counter Purity Movement: Trading One Dysfunction for Another ft. Justin Megna

In this groundbreaking episode, Rebecca Lemke interviews Justin Megna about a topic no one else has touched: the “Counter Purity Movement.”

The Counter Purity Movement is a phrase they have coined for the scorched-earth social landscape some trod following purity culture, which includes outright hedonism, abuse within recovery communities, and versions of Christianity manipulated to be more sexually permissive.

Justin and Rebecca discuss purity culture, the Counter Purity Movement, and some of the ways in which these cultures are two sides of the same coin. They talk about their own – sometimes painful – journeys in finding their way to a healthy, holistic approach to life, love, and Christianity.

They are in complete agreement that Jesus Christ should our all-in-all and any path that leads away from him, whether hyper-legalistic or licentious, should be rejected.



The Podcast is Joining Fringe Radio Network!

Surprise, y’all! 🙂 I’ve accepted an offer for the podcast to be on a radio network!

Check it out here! 

Good Christian Girls Follow The Rules…

Rebecca Lemke was a Good Christian Girl who wanted a Good Christian Husband and a Quiverfull of kids. The sort of blessed, picturesque life promised to people who followed The Rules.

The Rules were these:

Don’t wear anything that could cause your male friends to stumble. Scratch that, don’t wear anything but denim skirts and long-sleeve shirts, even when at the pool.

Don’t touch before you get married. No kissing, no hugging, no hand-holding. Break this rule, and you are damaged goods, chewed gum, spit-in water.

Don’t have a crush. If you have a crush on someone before you’re married, you cannot give your husband your whole heart. You’ll have an emotional STD that will infect your marriage! You should really just marry your first crush.

Don’t have problems. Good Christian Girls don’t have problems.

Don’t ask questions. Good Christian Girls don’t do that, either.

Don’t fight back. If a man hurts you, then you led him on and deserved it.

Don’t. Don’t. Don’t.

As long as you follow The Rules, everything will be great.

And everything was great. Until it wasn’t.

The small town homeschool group she attended imploded, leaving Rebecca isolated and alone.

Everything came to a head when one of her friends was violently raped by none other than her older brother.

Everyone around Rebecca said that the girl had deserved it.

But the girl had followed The Rules. The Rules that were supposed to keep them safe and give them a good life.

That was the moment she knew something was wrong, and she wasn’t going to stay silent any longer.

The Scarlet Virgins is a memoir of Rebecca’s journey through the ramifications of spiritual abuse and purity culture, wrestling with the temptation of apostasy, the descent of herself and others into the depths of addiction, alcoholism, anorexia, depression, self-harm, and suicide. She outlines the dangers of finding your identity in your purity or ability to follow the Law rather than in Christ and what he has done for you.

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