Hey there!

I’ve been a little quiet recently and there is a reason for that. My book, The Scarlet Virgins, has been taking most of my time with shaping, editing, and booking podcasts to raise awareness for the topics I discuss.

Now the time has come for me to get my booty in gear and set up a launch team for the book and I need you! Want to know what it is about? Here is the synopsis:

“Spit-in water.”

“De-petaled flower.”

“A chewed up piece of gum.”

These cringe-worthy phrases from Christian purity culture engrained themselves in the minds of the impressionable youth of my generation. Fearing the destruction of their children’s bodies and souls as the world around them became caught up in pushing a progressive sexual agenda, our parents and thought leaders rose up and sought to fight back against the lewdness and promiscuity surrounding us.

Unfortunately, their approach was entangled with fear and pain, going so far as to criminalize all forms of affection. This bore fruit of unprecedented physical, mental, and spiritual consequences as our worth and identity were found in what we did and didn’t do sexually, not in Christ and His sacrifice for us. The heavy-handed and legalistic emphasis on sexual-purity-at-all-costs left a legacy of emotional and spiritual devastation in its wake that follows many even into adulthood.

This book takes a vulnerable look at these issues through the eyes of someone who experienced it firsthand. It seeks to identify what purity culture got wrong and bring peace to the hearts of those whom it has wounded so deeply, by exposing the truth: It is Christ who makes us pure.

If this is content you can get behind, please consider joining me in launching this book here in approximately two weeks. I have already filled my beta reader slots, but what I would like to do is give you an early copy of the book so you can read it beforehand and then review it on sites like Goodreads and Amazon. I would absolutely LOVE some help sharing and promoting as well. If you know a blogging or podcast personality that may be interested in reviewing my book, please share this with them! Hit that reblog button or share on your favorite social media.  This is my first book launch and I need the support of like-minded community behind me.

Any questions, just ask! You can email me at Rebecca@newcrunchymom.com if you would like to get involved, or leave me a comment.