What would you do

If I truly let you see

My hidden identity

Behind the mask

I hide from the world

A very lonely girl

Roaming about the halls in my head

Wishing you were in my bed

But we don’t fit, everyone can see

I love you, but do you love me?

I’m too little and too much

Never enough for you to touch

While your perfection is on the cusp

Of the line between love and lust

I’ve always hidden who I was

From a world that only wanted a buzz

I didn’t want to be used and discarded

Trampled on and disregarded

So I wait until the day

That an opportunity comes my way

To show you all I keep at bay

And tell you what I need to say

Risking that you’ll run away

An awful price for me to pay

But what if you choose to stay?

And I invite you to where I lay?

Do with me what you may

I’ll let your love take me away