My desire for you is bright and fiery

Burning me through both day and night

Feelings awakened by harmless affection

Excitement kindled by innocent attachment

Romantic inclinations birthed from pure intentions

Bearing animated dreams of stolen kisses

Visualizations of sensual blisses

And giving life to forbidden wishes

Sometimes I wonder if you see it

Other times I am sure you don’t

What if you don’t love me?

Unrequited love can still be true

My answer isn’t far off, I see

I catch a glimpse when you aren’t looking at me

Of the truth you hide from those who wish to see

Shyly casting your glance away

Secretly hoping it slipped by unseen

While once I was unsure of what I saw

I know your eyes don’t lie to me

The telling signs of fire confess the truth

The blaze within betrayed through the window to your soul

Behind those breathtaking eyes of yours

Lie soft gray pillars of smoke.


(Author’s note: I am not, by nature, a poet. I’m just messing around for fun. I know it doesn’t rhyme. I don’t know the rules.)