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Baldwin ducked into the corner in the alley, waiting on the group to pass. He did that a lot.

Baldwin wasn’t a man on the run. He had a job, such as it was, and commuted to work each day. He wasn’t tucked neatly into the no-man’s-land of a Third World nation, either. He was in America; the Red, White, and Blue, and all the chaos she’d brought down upon herself. Commutes were like this daily for him.

The group passed, all of them massive. Although he’d spent the last few years watching humanity change into something else entirely, he could never quite say he was used to seeing the human form so large. Giants. Most weren’t friendly. Baldwin stayed out of their way as much as possible. It wasn’t that he couldn’t hold his own, even with a 9-foot tall behemoth in front of him. But if Evy…

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