Hey there! 🙂

I know it has been a long time since I’ve written a post directly on this website and not redirected to my new website, but I wanted to make this announcement in a very personal and sincere way.

As some of you already know, I juggle a lot of projects, probably to many, on a regular basis. I’m a housewife, mother, I cloth diaper and cook all our meals due to allergies from dioxins and food. I also work part time in a plant business our family bought and manage to update three websites, run a YouTube and guest post for Anne Cohen. I also just placed myself on fiverr for hire as a writer, so we will see how that goes.

My husband also juggles a lot. He works 50+ hours on one job, works for the same plant business I do that we bought, on top of running a podcast and writing a fiction book. All that this to say, we are really busy people who try to provide well for our son. We are constantly looking for new streams of passive income to supplement what we earn.

This past week, my husband and I had an idea based off something a fellow blogger had done: publish a short story on Amazon.

My husband has many more completed short stories from over the years, so he chose one he really loved and published it this past Sunday. 

The story is called The Three Princes and The Dragon and is a fairytale in a style similar to Grimm’s. It is 99 cents on Amazon. Here is the official teaser:

In this story – a fairy tale in the style of Grimm’s – a dying king must entrust his nation to one of his three sons. But which? The one who can slay the dragon, as you might expect. Each brother tries his own approach in turn, but will any succeed? And how?

It would mean the world to me if you would go check it out (and if you do, please let me know so I can thank you personally) and review it if you like!

You can find it here: The Three Princes and The Dragon

God’s blessings to you all,