“Are you ready for this?” James asked nervously.

I nodded silently, positioning my hand to open the document to the first page. My thoughts raced as I wondered what we’d learn from these documents. Had Silen told us the truth? What if he hadn’t told us everything? I still had so many questions…


A loud noise from outside startled us, causing me to drop the paper.

James jumped up and bolted for the door to investigate the noise. Had someone found us already? I followed behind him with worry, stopping at the doorsteps as he circled around the house.

The sound of metal clanking pierced the cold day from the side of the cabin and I heard James laugh heartily.

He emerged with a large metal trash can in hand, firmly holding the lid in place on top. I gave him a quizzical look, thankful that, from the looks of it, the noise seemed to be benign.

“I found lunch!” He teased as he cracked the lid open to reveal a scrawny looking raccoon, “Looks like he got himself stuck.”

“Eww!” I threw my hands in the air and let out a cry as I took in the raccoon’s matted hair and dark eyes, “I’m not eating that!”

“Why not?” James retorted, “It’s only fair! After all, I ate your macaroni…”

“Hey!” I said as I indignantly crossed my arms.

He grinned and started to open the lid further, pointing it in my direction.

“You wouldn’t dare.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

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