Hey there! 🙂

So in the last week, I’ve had a couple of people contact me out of the blue about various mental health questions. Because I’ve been very open on this blog and New Crunchy Mom about it, I guess I’ve built a reputation of knowing about these things and honestly I think that is great and I love helping others who struggle like I do/have.

There was one question I got that I thought might be helpful to address here on the blog and that was: Can you recommend any Anorexia recovery groups?

To answer that, in short, no I cannot.

I have tried a few different anorexia recovery groups, most of which were specifically Christian because that was important to me. I wanted to know that the encouragement that I was hoping to get from the groups was going to be bible-based.

After I joined the groups, there were three things that really stuck out to me and gave me some pause for concern.

#1. There was a lot of underlying pro-Ana discussions.

A lot of what I saw going on in these recovery groups was thinly veiled attempts at competition on who had it “worse”, who had lost the most weight, who had been in the most danger, and who was relapsing the worst. There were a lot of numbers thrown out, and pictures, and I honestly felt like it was doing more to encourage an eating disorder rather than to encourage recovery.


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