Our cheese covered dishes rattled in the sink as James ran water into them after dinner.

“Ready for bed?” He asked, turning to me with a sleepy smile.

I stretched my arms out behind my back and yawned, nodding as I took a step to be at his side.

We walked towards the bedroom, making sure that the front door was locked and the blinds were closed along the way.

The floor boards creaked as we opened the bedroom door and I laid eyes on the bedroom for the first time.

I shifted nervously as I caught a glimpse of a sign above the bed that read “Always kiss me goodnight”.

James sensed my nervousness and laughed.

“Don’t worry Princess, I’m not going to try to put the moves on you.” He winked at me, trying to hide a half-smirk that tugged at his lips.

An Open Door and A Squeaky Floor