It’s been almost a year since I started out here, on I am so thankful that I could start here on wordpress where a community of people came out to read my stuff, encourage and support me. Today, I have an important announcement to share with you.

It is with much trepidation and excitement that I wish to announce the creation of a support page for all of my creative endeavors: Rebecca’s Patreon Page

Over the past few months, I have felt more and more called to add my voice as a young wife, mother, but most especially Christian to the world. Many women in the same situation I find myself in feel alone and underrepresented, and I want to be here telling you that you aren’t alone. But at the same time I have felt in increased burden to work beside my husband to relieve some of the pressure of being a single-income home by making money myself.

You can imagine the difficulty of doing that while remaining a stay-at-home mom, and my husband has encouraged me to continue with my content creation because it is helping people, and allows me time with our son.

I am trying to live in the best of both worlds, and continue what I do on my current website,, while earning a small income if only to cover the costs of site-maintenance, but I feel as though most of the ways blogs make money end up being scammy, and I don’t want to go down that road. I’ve intentionally turned down numerous opportunities based solely on this principle.

That said, it is through this thought process that I have decided to create a Patreon page with a twofold purpose: A) to provide people who love what I do and want it to continue a way to contribute to making my content creation a sustainable endeavor, and B ) as a way to give even more value to my awesome fans.

You can check out the page here, and notice that I’ve set up rewards for people of different giving levels (“like PBS” my husband says). I tried to make them all unique, fun, and hopefully affordable for those who wish to contribute.

I put this up as a general announcement, but I strongly desire that no one feel pressured to contribute if they don’t have the means or desire. I want to have an impact in the world by being there with my videos, writings, and podcasts for those who have suffered and need comfort and empathy, or simply a clarifying moment of “Yes, me too!”. If that describes you, I’m happy to have you on board, even if just as an observer.

I love you guys, and I hope it’s clear that my motivation for doing this is not greed, but comes out of the realization that everything I do is for others like me, and as a result this is done in order that I can continue to sustain my content for the long haul.

I love you all so much, thank you for everything you’ve done for me!

Rebecca Lemke