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New Crunchy Dad released the third post in his series: “4 Massively Crucial Diet Tips”. Part 3 is about spices!

I am extremely proud of New Crunchy Dad for this amazing series. I hope you’ve found these first three installments to be interesting, informative and helpful. If you missed the first two installments, you can find all three of them here 🙂

vegetable oil“To wit: I believe saturated fat is good, too many grains will give you diabetes, and adopting veganism is the third-worst nutrition decision you can make (right after downing 300+ grams of fast-acting carbohydrates a day and making vegetable oil account for the majority of your fat intake, respectively).”

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slowcarbsedit2“There is, within the nutritional specialist community, a growing awareness of “fast carbs”. When I first encountered the subject a decade ago, it was known as the glycemic index. That term has fallen out of favor for a variety of reasons, but the concept is basically unchanged. This is the idea that some carbohydrate sources, when consumed, are digested and make their way into your circulatory system more quickly than others. Most of us recognize the potential perils of rapid spikes in blood sugar for an individual with diabetes, but in this post I want to share why it can be an issue of concern for the rest of us, as well.”

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spicesedit“We face today a vast array of flavorful mimicry. We’re subjected to food upon food on the shelves that has had distilled flavors of one sort or another added. Artificial flavors use manufactured chemicals to make our foods taste this way or that, and even the natural flavoring, benign though it may be, offers no real benefit other than a pleasing sensation on our taste buds. But flavor should be more than an extract of this or that – it should be the sign that your body is about to partake of something as good for you as it tastes.”
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I also wanted to share with you the most recent things we have been up to! One is this article that I contributed to about mental health postparum: What 25 Mothers Would Tell Their Pre-Mom Selves What is the advice you would give your pre-mom self? 🙂

The second is a guest post that I wrote for The Relationship Blogger!

What Purity Culture Meant For My Marriage“Despite what I expected, there was no easy switch to flip to make me believe that sex was okay after we got married. I knew that intellectually, but years of purity doctrine were deeply nestled into our hearts. The damage had been done, and the only people who were going to deal with the consequences were us.”

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There is also one more important announcement that I have to share with you all 🙂 New Crunchy Dad has written an Ebook! It is titled “3 Controversial (But Highly Necessary) Habits for the Family”. The best news is, for you, you can access the book for free by going to our self-hosted site, http://www.newcrunchymom.com, and becoming a subscriber! You can subscribe by going over to the right sidebar and filling in the blue box, or scrolling to the end of any post where a pop-up will appear after you’ve read the post (only one time every couple weeks, we don’t want to spam you)! The subscribe box looks like this:Free Ebook

We are so thrilled to share all of these things with you and we hope that you all are doing well! ❤ What have you been up to?