Hi there! ūüôā

It seems Bubba might be prone to boogers, and this time I am not sparing you pictures…

Run for your lives!
Do you see the size of this booger?!

Bubba is incredibly fond of his boogers. He normally cries if you even MENTION removing them.

Last time he got a booger, I was unprepared.

It was huge, it was stuck, and it was loudly interrupting our sleep.

I was determined to not let that happen again.

I bought a special newborn, bulb-shaped, booger sucker thingy (very technical terms here) online in preparation for the inevitable subsequent snot balls of death that would grace the inside of his nostrils.

This booger didn’t get a name like the last one, but it was just as stuck and persistent as its predecessor, Bob.

I enlisted the help of New Crunchy Dad in hopes that Bubba would take his booger’s departure well…

Whatcha gonna do with that, Daddy?
Whatcha gonna do with that, Daddy?

Bubba was quite excited about this. We started attempting to use the snot sucking tool while he was still happy.

I don't think it fits...
I don’t think it fits…

Unfortunately, it was¬†too big for his nose. I’m unsure if other babies have big noses, or if Bubba has a small one.

Is it out yet?
Is it out yet?

I started to thank my lucky stars that this snot remover tool wasn’t expensive.

Can I eat it?
Can I eat it?

We abandoned the worthless snot sucker in favor of other methods of removal.

New Crunchy Dad pressed on Bubba’s nostril while I distracted him. Bubba was slightly confused by all of this, but our booger extraction mission was a success!

New Crunchy Dad was quite proud...
Take that, booger!
Take that, booger!

New Crunchy Dad was quite proud, though Bubba wasn’t enthusiastic about the whole ordeal.

Bubba uses the¬†special newborn booger sucker thingy as a chew toy now, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss (we cleaned it, don’t worry).

Are your babies prone to boogers?

New Crunchy Mom