Hi there! 🙂

We started Bubba on solids just shy of him turning six months old. He was stealing food off of our plates (babies are FAST), pretending to eat dinner with us and showing all the signs of being ready.

Since we have a history of food allergies, we are being extra careful with the spacing and timing of new foods with Bubba. He has been trying a new food after a waiting period of at least four days after the last new food was introduced.

As an extra precaution against Bubba having food allergies like we do, we have been giving  him some probiotics (with the pediatrician’s blessing). We break the probiotic capsule and put a little bit of it in a mixture with coconut oil and give this to Bubba before every new food.

I was a little bit sad to start him on solid foods because it meant he’d no longer be exclusively breastfed (EBF). Although, he nurses just as frequently as before and generally tends to want to play with his food more than actually eat it. 😉

But on to the important opinion! What did Bubba think of solids?

At first he was excited…

Solids are exciting!
Finally. they let me taste this forbidden substance!

He tried Winter Squash.

What is this, mom?
This isn’t milkies.

He had mixed feeling about it…

I don't know about this...
Why doesn’t this taste like milk?!

I think he might have some trust issues after this.

What is the meaning of life? I don't even know anymore.
What is the meaning of life? I don’t even know anymore.

Ultimately he got a rash from Winter Squash, so we waited a few days and tried sweet potato.

Is this that stuff that isn't milkies again?
Is this that stuff that isn’t milkies again?

After some hesitation, he decided sweet potatoes were okay.

Get in my belly!
Get in my belly!

In fact, he might like sweet potatoes…

Got sweet potatoes?
Sweet potato mustaches are the best!

The worst part of eating solids, according to Bubba, is the clean up…

No soap! No water!
No soap! No water!
Mommy, save me from the spit bath!
Mommy, save me from the spit bath!

New Crunchy Dad and I disagree. The worst part of Bubba starting solids…


…is the poop.

New Crunchy Mom