Hi there 🙂

Bubba is not fond of his carseat currently. Driving to and from anywhere, especially in the dark, is an all out war.

As soon as I start adjusting his chest clip and shoulder straps he begins wiggling and grunting with displeasure at his situation.

Because of this, I try to minimize the amount of time he spends in the carseat, but some days it just doesn’t work.

We went to the grocery store a few days ago and he entertained himself the entire way there. He didn’t make a peep and managed to play nicely with his toy, Mr. Bug.

As I pulled him out of the carseat upon arriving, he bounced up and down in my arms and smashed his face into my cheek. As it turns out, he’s learned to give kisses.

We entered the store as I marveled at his new-found ability. He decided to proudly demonstrate it to me it over and over again as we walked.

I realized too late that I had left our K’tan at home, so I lugged my 20+ pound kiddo through the store on one hip only to get to the cash register in a near exhausted state. He insisted on kissing me as I tried to manage a conversation between the elderly lady behind us and also answer the cashier’s questions.

My little love bug decided to swipe the receipt that the cashier was handing me. I laughed and told him that Bubba was the helpful sort.

We made our way back to the car and Bubba began rubbing his eyes. I knew this meant my time of peaceful, happy baby was coming to an end and that nap-time was upon us.

I threw the groceries onto the floorboard and quickly began strapping Bubba into his carseat and handed him Mr. Bug. I hoped I had enough time to get home before he had a total meltdown.

We made it to the first stoplight with only the jingling sounds that Mr. Bug makes coming from the backseat. I looked in the mirror after a few seconds of being there and saw Bubba’s face contorted into the saddest silent cry I have ever seen.

I opened my mouth to tell him it was okay,  but I was too late. The first wail pierced the backseat.

“Bubba, please calm down.” I pleaded.

I tried stroking his head and singing to him.

*Smack* I heard as I saw Mr. Bug fly forward from the backseat and into the dashboard on the passenger side.

The wails continued as we pulled away when the light turned green. I offered my fingers to chew on, but that only made the shrieking worse.

Normally, I would’ve stopped at an abandoned parking lot and nursed him, but by the time we got there, he was starting to get better.

We stopped at another light and Bubba began gearing up for a very loud, shrill sob.


I watched as his face turned from bright red with tears streaming down the sides to a look of shock. He began giggling with every hiccup.

The rest of the way home I watched as he waited patiently for the next hiccup to strike and then burst into a fit of giggles when it did.

In total, it took 105 wails, 28 hiccups and 4 dinosaur noises to make it home from the grocery store.

What is the worst fit your baby has thrown in the car?

New Crunchy Mom