Hi there! 🙂

Bubba has gotten two teeth and I’m going insane because of it.

Well, not really…but kind of.

Do you know what it is like to nurse a teething baby?

A thousand tiny knives slicing into your boob every single time your spawn decides to move the wrong way while nursing.

Bubba literally bit my nipple as hard as he could and then decided to launch himself backwards while nursing today. I nearly fainted!

*silent weeping*

Go hug your mother! You probably put a hole in her nipple at some point. Even if you didn’t, hug her anyways.

He loves to wiggle while he nurses too. He will kick me in the face, make honorable attempts to pull my collarbone off… and there is the hair pulling. Don’t even get me started.

I don’t even know if I’m experiencing postpartum hair loss because he’s nearly ripped all of it out himself. The whole “nice hands”, peeling his tiny claws off and redirecting bit is useless with him. *sigh*

How he manages to focus on all of these things while nursing, I’ll never know.

Suffice it to say, breastfeeding is less than pleasant right now.

The breast pump has made a reappearance because of this. My dislike of bloody nipples is just slightly stronger than my dislike of the pump.

If my boobs survive this stage, it’ll be a miracle.

New Crunchy Mom