Hi there!

It has been quite busy lately and Bubba is going through some difficult times…

How dare you have to poop, Mommy?!

This was Bubba’s response to me having to put him down, after HOURS of holding him, to use the bathroom.

I would’ve just worn him, but it’s incredibly difficult to use the bathroom with a 19 pound wiggly baby boy strapped into a K’tan. Plus he likes toilet paper, and he would’ve unrolled the whole thing.

Those tears are real, folks.

They appear every time I put him down, or look at anything else but him.

When I hold him, all he wants to do is wiggle, or bite, or pull all of my hair out.

You could say we have a strained relationship at the moment.

This whole thing usually begins when Daddy leaves in the morning. It goes something like this…

New Crunchy Daddy : “Okay Bubba, I love you! I’m going to go to work now. You be good for Mommy.”

New Crunchy Mommy: “Please don’t leave me here with him!”

New Crunchy Daddy: “I love you both, goodbyeeeeee!”

Bubba: *face crumbles*

New Crunchy Mommy: “No, it’s okay. I love you. Daddy will be back soon.”

Bubba: *hysterical crying*

Repeated that process, everyday for at least two weeks, with the crying lasting for hours.

This is our current situation when New Crunchy Daddy leaves every morning, until nap-time anyway.

If you would like to send chocolate and non-alcoholic beverages, I would be extremely appreciative.

New Crunchy Mom