Hi there! 🙂

There is another round of voting again tonight and tomorrow for my award nomination through thepublicblogger.com! The award is for the 2015 Best Performance of the Year. Thanks to my wonderful group of friends, family and followers I have made it this far, scoring 2nd in the last round.

This round is divided up between the votes of the judges and votes from the public, so your vote is still necessary to help me advance to the next round.

If you would like to vote, or see my debut performance into the world of videography, you can click here. ❤

Thank you for your support!

New Crunchy Mom

Updated November 11th, 2015 to show outcome. You folks are awesome and helped me advance to the next round! ❤

Photo Credit: thepublicblogger.com
Photo Credit: thepublicblogger.com