When I first found out that you were here with me, I was overjoyed.

I had wanted you for a long while.

It was a constant longing. An ache in my heart that I couldn’t seem to fill.

Then, it happened. Your tiny form began growing inside my womb.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, those two pink lines staring back at me.

My heart was exploding with new-found love for you, my baby.

The knowledge of your existence was the sweetest message I had ever received.

Your little heartbeat was music to my ears.

Your tiny kicks against my ribs were my daily delight.

I prayed for you, that you might be my baby someday. That your presence in my womb be a reality.

I loved you, even before you existed.

I fought for you, against everyone and everything that threatened us.

I missed you so much, and I hadn’t even met you yet.

My arms ached to hold you. My heart carried that blessing for so long, alone.

I introduced you to music, and felt you dance within my womb. I spent hours feeling your joyful dancing.

I became more and more anxious for your arrival. The anticipation was unbearable.

My heart raced when the doctor said, “You are having a baby today.”

How could I be anywhere near what you deserved?

What if I wasn’t good at being a mother?

Doubt filled my mind.

I didn’t have time to dwell on doubt, though.

My attention was torn away by waves of intensity wrapped around my abdomen as contractions drew you nearer to the outside world.

A kind of strength I had never felt before enveloped my body, washing through to my core.

I knew it was time.

The force of your tiny body leaving mine was indescribable.

I felt no pain or fear.

I heard your cry and instantly experienced your damp, wrinkled skin touch mine as you were placed on my chest.

As I held you, I rejoiced.

The missing piece of my heart was finally where it belonged.

We were together at last.

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