Hi there! ๐Ÿ™‚

Bubba and I went to the grocery store today. Though I’m not super fond of Walmart, it is the closest to our house. I loaded Bubba into his carseat, adjusted the straps, and pressed onward.

We stopped to get the mail before leaving the apartment complex and I took the time to double check Bubba’s straps.

As we left, I checked him in the mirror in front of his carseat. He was happily playing with his hands and looked up to watch a black and white dog run towards the pond.

I turned on to the main road and turned on the radio. Bubba loves the radio.

The “I can’t feel my face” song (I don’t know what it’s actually called, because I rarely pay attention to the lyrics) burst through the speakers. Knowing this, I looked in the mirror to watch his reaction.

To my horror, he had wiggled his chest clip down and was trying to unsnap it.

I used his full name for this one…


Startled, he released the clip.

I looked back at the road, feeling a little queasy. When did he learn to do that?

I pulled in to Walmart’s parking lot, dodging sleepy college students as I hastily drove into a space.

I turned off the engine and got into the backseat.

“Absolutely not!” I told Bubba, “We do NOT remove, or attempt to remove, chest clips.”

He giggled, obviously unaware of the gravity of the situation.

I scooped him up and put him in our Maya Wrap, lecturing him as we entered the store.

Our list was short, thankfully. We were in and out in no time.

I put Bubba in his carseat, made sure he couldn’t move the straps on his own, then jumped into the front seat.

As we pulled away, I decided not to turn the radio back on, so I could hear if he decided to try toย unbuckle again.

He babbled while we sat at the first stoplight, I watched him carry out this conversation with his reflection until the light turned green.

All of a sudden, he got quiet. Without turning to look at him I said, “Hey you, what are you doing?”

Then, the rustling began. I spun around, as well as I could while safely driving, to see what was going on.

Lo and behold, I found my son dumping a bag of frozen vegetables out of a plastic bag and onto the floor of my car.

I reached back to take it from him and he started bringing it towards his face.

*cue heart attack*

After an intense tug-of-war, while driving, I pried the bag from his hand and threw in into the passenger seat in the front.

Of course, this caused the tears to begin flowing. How dare I, the evilest mommy to have ever lived, not let Bubba suffocate himself with a plastic bag?


We got home and I placed Bubba on his back on a red towel in the kitchen, so he could stare lovingly at his true love, the fan. I unloaded groceries while he ogled at his mistress.

I open the fridge to put up some chicken thighs, making small talk with Bubba while I worked.

I closed the door to find that not only had Bubba learned how to roll from his back to his stomach, but he also managed to crawl a few inches.

I hope he’s done growing up for today, I don’t think I can take much more.

New Crunchy Mom