To the sorority girls at Target,

I’m sure you noticed, but my son thinks you are fascinating.

He likes shiny things. And bright, colorful things. Oh, and hair, he loves hair.

He squeaked at you with delight as his eyes roamed your long, straight hair, your bright, matching sorority t-shirts, your patterned manicure that decorated your nails, and the reflective jewelry that adorned your face.

You responded in turn, squealing in unison about the chubby, adorable nature of my grinning baby boy.

Then you noticed me.

I saw a million thoughts pass across your expressions as we stood face to face.

Your smiled dropped just a bit.

I know you thought, “She looks young. Maybe even younger than me.”

And you were right.

I saw your size me up and glance at my rings.

Your curiosity was obvious.

So was mine.

I’m in what some would consider a rare situation…

Married, soon-to-be college graduate, and mother. Oh, and I’m 19.

Bet you didn’t even know people like me existed.

As we continued our little staring contest, my mind went to the stereotypical places.

Are you a cheerleader?

Oh, or maybe a freshman with a senior boyfriend?

You must be vapid and shallow to look like that.

Then a pang of guilt hit me. And rightly so.

As we stood there, with your outstretched hand holding Bubba’s, I felt the need to apologize.

How could I have been so rude?

I had been worried you’d think ill of me, because I chose a different path than you. At least in the timing of it all. Then I did that exact thing to you.

I’m sorry I judged you.

I offered up a small smile and said, “Hi.”

You smiled back.

I thought to myself, maybe we aren’t so different.

Bubba laughed as we departed to finish our shopping.

As we turned down the next aisle, there were more sorority girls, but this time, I greeted them as openly as Bubba did.

Within the exception of trying to pull their hair, of course. 🙂

New Crunchy Mom