Hi there! 🙂

Bubba and I have been super busy today…

We drove around to grocery stores to get some special ingredients for a surprise I’ll be making for New Crunchy Dad tonight. 🙂

As we drove, we listened to the radio. I flipped through the channels at stop lights so we got a good variety of music.

We listened to pop, country, pop-country (at least I assume that is what it’s called!), rock, etc. Bubba liked it all.

I watched in the baby mirror as his eyes lit up and he wiggled from side to side in his car seat. His chubby legs were kicking to the beat of the music. It was quiet the sight. 😉

Then, a sad song came on.

I was expecting Bubba to go about his business of playing like he was before I turned on the radio.

Instead, he got quiet. He stopped babbling.

With concern I took a look in the mirror to find my sweet boy looking directly at me, with tears falling across his rotund baby cheeks.

He wasn’t making a peep, no wailing, crying or whimpering. If I had not have glanced back, I wouldn’t have known!

I reached back to hold his hand as we pulled into the parking lot of a store. I rushed into a parking space and swiftly pulled my weeping child out of his car seat and placed him close to my heart.

I gingerly stroked the top of his head, feeling what little hair exists.

“What’s the matter sweetheart?” I asked him, knowing he couldn’t tell me.

I gave him a kiss on the forehead and brushed the tears off of his face with my thumb.

The song ended and I pulled him in for a hug. When I drew him away from me to see how he was, he gave me a faint smile and wiggle in such a way as to indicate he wanted more cuddles.

I told him I loved him, and that it was okay to be sad.

We sat there for a while and I watched people walk past the window and peer in. I can’t imagine what they were thinking as they watched me hold tight to Bubba, his eyes a bit red from crying.

I felt a sense of something, pulling at me, telling me that I needed to hurry and get my shopping done.

I chose to silence it. There would be time for shopping soon.

My baby needed me. The groceries weren’t going anywhere.

The world might not slow down when he is sad, but I will.

I have learned that living with a baby, you notice very quickly that they are highly emotional creatures.

Their happiness is genuine, and their sadness is passionate.

As I held him I realized, many of the adults I know aren’t like this.

Emotions aren’t socially acceptable, at least, if they are beyond the surface level. I think that’s why the movie Frozen was such a success. The “conceal, don’t feel” message is something that so many of us are deeply familiar with.

I don’t mean I think we should like our emotions rule us, but I do think we should feel them deeply and accept them as a normal part of life!

I want to be more like Bubba, unashamed of raw emotion. ❤

New Crunchy Mom