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The time has come for Bubba to start rolling over. *sniffles*

We’ve been encouraging him, bating him with toys, and begging him to roll over.

Nothing worked. 

I assumed he’d roll over closer to six months.

Boy was I wrong.

Painfully so, in fact. (for me, anyways)

My big bundle of joy was playing happily in the middle of the mattress (a few inches off the ground), and I decided to go get breakfast.

I glanced over at the kitchen (a whopping twelve feet away) and decided on a banana.

As I stood up I told Bubba, “You stay here, I’ll be right back.”

He gave me a devilish grin as I turned to walk away…

I reach the banana and began peeling it as I walked back to where I’d left Bubba.

I glanced up to find he wasn’t there.

My heart dropped as I looked down and found Bubba on the floor.

I never even heard a thump!

He looked up at me. I expected the tears to begin flowing, but instead I was met with maniacal laughter and a grin.

“Bubba! What DID you do?!” I asked as I panicked as I ran to him and scooped him up.

He didn’t even have a scratch!

Nonetheless, I called his doctor.

I explained what happened until I was out of breath and rambling.

The doctor assured me, babies falling off of things is practically a rite of passage, and as long as he was acting fine, she was not concerned.

*sigh* I suppose this is fate. Not only did I miss seeing Bubba’s first time to roll over, but he also managed to roll off of something on the first try!

Motherhood. It’s not for the faint of heart…

New Crunchy Mom

I like to roll...off of things!
I like to roll…off of things!