Hey there 🙂

Bubba and I were supposed to go to a wedding that starts in about 3 minutes.


My dancing partner crashed before the party even began!

He’s asleep.

I don’t know if it’s teething, tiredness or tummy ache, but this child cried for an hour straight. I hope he’s happier when he wakes up! :O

It’s been a bit rough lately. He’s acting up when New Crunchy Daddy has to go to work and he’s learned to pinch, hit and kick.

Not maliciously, yet, thank goodness. But this baby has some claws!

We’ve been trying to redirect him, and at first it was working.

He’d pinch, or hit, and we’d pry his nails out of our flesh and tell him, “No, nice hands.”

The novelty wore off and he’s back to it. I tried fake crying today. Any guess as to what Bubba did?

Yeah, he laughed. Guess I need a new plan…

Every time I get overwhelmed or angry or frustrated I just remind myself that he doesn’t have the same understanding of the world that I do, and crying is his only form of communication.

The best way I’ve found to calm down during his more intense moments is reminding myself to treat him the way I wanted to be treated as a child: with understanding, patience, and an overabundance of unconditional love. ❤

How do you keep calm during your child’s crisis?

New Crunchy Mom