Hi there!

I ran into our local health food store this past week to grab lunch before taking Bubba to see his great grandma. We were planning on meeting at a museum and I just ran out of time trying to get everything done, including fix lunch, so I grabbed a quick snack when we got in the store.

As it turned out, we ran into someone we knew and I spoke with her for a while. She was friendly and although she knows New Crunchy Dad better than me, we had a good chat.

Little did I know there was a snoopy elderly lady listening in on our conversation…

My acquaintance asked how old Bubba was and I answered cheerfully, “Four months!”

At this moment, snoopy elderly lady decided to make her presence know by bumping into me as she passed and loudly proclaiming, “He is cute!”

As she walked away she turned and mumbled under her breath, “But YOU are too young to have a baby.”

Without having the time, energy or willingness to explain to her that I was, in fact, old enough to have a baby, married, and nearly through college, I decided to take a different approach…

“I am!” I proclaimed loudly, proudly and with a smile on my face.

Let me tell you, miss snoopy elderly lady turned 50 shades of red and hightailed it out of the aisle like a dog with its tail tucked between its legs.

Whether this is because she thought I hadn’t heard her, or because I decided to have a little fun with a bad situation, I’ll never know. 😉

People can be jerks, inappropriate or out and out mean to you, but you always have the power to change the situation with how you react. 🙂

New Crunchy Mom