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People seem to have a problem with stretch marks.

Don’t believe me? Just type “stretch marks” into Pinterest. I’ll wait here…

What’d you find? Probably the same thing I did.

Hundreds of articles on how to get rid of stretch marks, right?

Do it yourself creams, “natural” beauty tricks, homemade lotions. Maybe even a few links to people trying to sell you their miracle salve. If any of these work, it’s probably only minimally.

Let me fill you in on a little secret…

Stretch marks are normal.

Yes, some people have been gifted with smooth, unblemished skin and they will never be the bearer of a single stretch mark.

But many of us who aren’t so genetically gifted are very familiar with stretch marks.

When I think of stretch marks, I usually think of pregnancy. I got them on my legs, abdomen and breasts while I was pregnant. They are still there, even if they are a little faded, at 4 months after delivery.

I didn’t get my first stretch mark from pregnancy, though.

I got it from anorexia.

I dropped 20 pounds in a very short amount of time. One day shortly after I had lost that weight, I looked down and noticed deep, purple slashes buried in my thighs.

It hurt to see that. I didn’t know that could happen with a large weight loss in very little time.

I wore longer shorts to cover up the marks because I got teased about them.

As I gained the weight back, they faded and ultimately were unnoticed by anyone but myself.

Then one day, I noticed my twin had them too. 

She had gotten them during a growth spurt and like me, had been trying to hide them as best she could.

Years went by and I got married. I remember my wedding day I placed my garter as far away from my stretch marks as I could without it falling off.

My husband didn’t even notice them until I pointed them out!

Then I got pregnant.

Oh boy, these weren’t like the stretch marks I had before. They were deeper, darker and way more noticeable, even after delivery.

I housed a rapidly growing little boy for nearly nine months, so this was to be expected.

The ironic thing was, they didn’t bother me. My husband was a bit shocked when he first saw them, as were a few family members. I told them that the stretch marks didn’t bother me.

By doing that, I taught them how I wanted to be treated. I didn’t know it at the time, but by telling them it wasn’t a big deal, I influenced their opinion of them.

The stretch marks were only a big deal if I made them one, or if I let other people make a big deal out of them.

There are things you can do to help with the appearance of stretch marks, like drink an appropriate amount of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

But ultimately, they don’t matter.

They may not be your favorite part of your body, but they are only as big of a deal as you make them! They are a part of your story and a part of your beautiful body. ❤

I've chosen to love mine, what will you choose?
I’ve chosen to love mine, what will you choose?

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