Hi there!

It’s crazy how something from your childhood can sneak back into your life, isn’t it? This happened to me recently.

I wanted to give a quick shout out and thank you to all of my friends and family who have ever donated pop tabs or money to the Ronald McDonald House.

At one point during my pregnancy, about 32 weeks, I was informed that my son would be delivered at or before 35 weeks gestational age. That age usually means you have a few weeks worth of NICU stay ahead of you until your baby is at the minimum weight (5 pounds for our carseat) to be able to safely ride in a carseat and can pass a test to make sure they get enough oxygen while in the carseat.

A friend told me that if we should end up at the NICU, the hospital had a floor with a Ronald McDonald house that we could stay in, shower at, sleep in nice comfy rooms and prepare hot meals for ourselves or buy them made by a chef. I knew the name because of a local 4-H group I was in that had donated to the Ronald McDonald House. It was a vague memory and I honestly never even knew what the donations went to.

The doctor told us to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for an early delivery. Needless to say, I was devastated and worried. I installed the carseat and set up the crib and diaper pail the moment I got home. I washed preemie clothing (generously given to us by friend and family) and prepared for the worst.

Thank God, the worst did not happen. My son and I were luckily to have made it to 38 weeks, both alive. A little banged up, but alive. We never set foot in the Ronald McDonald House.

Two months later, a friend was taken in an emergency situation from a hospital two hours away, to the one I delivered in. She was less than 30 weeks pregnant and told she could only go another month before delivering. I cried. I knew there was nothing I could do to stop what would happen, to warn her of what her little family would suffer through.

She delivered her little baby and what would have been our reality happened to her. Weeks of NICU and sleepless nights.

You know who provided for her during that time? The Ronald McDonald House.

If you have ever supported the Ronald McDonald House:

  • You housed a new mother who lived hours away from the hospital.
  • You fed a NICU parent during their darkest hour.
  • You provided a worried mother with a place to rest and sleep in comfort, instead of a rickety hospital bed.
  • You gave a worried mother a quiet place to pray.
  • You provided a place for a family to take care of themselves while staying close to their baby.

You did so much more than send pop tabs in the mail to some unknown organization.

You helped.

Thank you

New Crunchy Mom