Hi there!

Facebook told me it has been 5 days since I posted anything… :O Oops! I did not drop off the face of the earth, although it sure looks that way. 😉

Bubba and I have been busy napping, getting used to New Crunchy Dad’s new work schedule, going to the doctor and washing cloth diapers. 🙂


We got to go on a last minute play-date yesterday and we had a lot of fun! We went to the library with some other little boys.

And I got to spend time with another mom, which was nice.

We talked about everything under the sun, basically. We caught up on each other’s lives and I mentioned there had been some drama going down, almost every day, on the mommy groups I am in online. She nodded and said she had noticed the same thing this past week.

I said, “I just don’t understand the mommy wars.”

She agreed.

Why are moms so mean to each other?

Just because someone does or doesn’t do something with their kid doesn’t mean that they are judging another person for doing the opposite.

We are moms. We make mistakes. But come on, let’s support each other. Our children are different people, with different wants and needs. We are each trying to do what is best for our child, who happens to have unique needs different to another person’s child.

We are all eventually going to do something with our kid that another person doesn’t like. And we are going to have things that we owe our children apologies for.

That is okay.

We are human, okay?

Someone’s kid ate his booger today? Not a life threatening issue.

Another kiddo dressed themselves today (and deserves fashion police intervention)? Eh, no harm done.

Another person’s baby stuck his hand down his mom’s shirt and wigged out a complete stranger? They’ll live.

If the situation is not dangerous, please be nice, state your opinion if you must (but as opinion, not law, even if it is fact 😉 ), and then support another mom in doing what she feels is best.

What’s the worst mommy war you’ve seen? Tell me about it on Twitter, Facebook  or here on the blog!

Bubba & New Crunchy Mom