Hey there!!

Guess what? 🙂

Bubba is 4 months old today! ❤

He is celebrating with lots of milkies, OBVIOUSLY…;)

We celebrated a little early by going to the zoo this past Wednesday. He made some friends…

An otter (he was very amused by the otter, and the feeling appeared to be mutual), another baby (7 month old who was half his size…#chubster), a few monkeys (there was a baby monkey that he really liked), and pink-pinks (flamingos)!

I wore him in the k’tan most of the time we were there. I saw a few other babywearing moms (and dads), but I was too shy to ask them about their carriers.

At one point, Bubba got pretty hungry. I could tell before he ever started showing hunger cues. So I told Mr. Crunchy Dad that we needed to sit so he could eat.

Mr. Crunchy Dad is shy. I am not.

By the time Mr. Crunchy Dad looked up from trying to find something to use as a cover, Bubba had already drained one boob. He hadn’t even noticed that Bubba had been eating! 😉 I’m getting pretty good at being discreet, I think!

Mr. Crunchy Dad was even more impressed when I took out walking with Bubba still latched because he feel asleep like that, and I knew he need a nap. I didn’t want to unlatch him since I knew he’d wake up. Heehee 🙂

At four months, Bubba likes:

  • ceiling fans
  • his toy light up/musical giraffe
  • helping me stuff diapers
  • learning to burp with Mr. Crunchy Dad
  • cuddling with me
  • reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear
  • having his hair (what little there is) combed
  • taking baths with me
  • playing with his hands and feet
  • holding hands
  • his car seat mirror
  • people
  • chewing on everything
  • getting the mail

Bubba doesn’t like:

  • baths in his baby tub
  • me cooking dinner without him
  • his pre-fold diapers (I don’t know why)
  • Mr. Crunchy Dad getting too close to his food
  • waking up to me not cuddling his fluffy booty
  • mommy trying to get rid of his boogers
  • soap
  • hospitals (he freaks out every time we go near one)
  • strollers
  • clothing

We are going to celebrate tonight with Mr. Crunchy Dad when he gets off work by going on a family walk and cuddling with Bubba. ❤

What do you do to celebrate when your baby turns another month old? 🙂

New Crunchy Mom & Bubba