Hi everyone!

Bubba had his four-month check up yesterday. It went super well!

Good things:

  • He has a BIG head! 90th percentile!
  • He is growing in inches very quickly! Since we were at the doctor ten days ago, he’d grown half an inch. He’s 75 percentile for length. 😀
  • He’s a chubby chubster (in a good way!) He is 75 percentile for weight. 🙂

Bad things:

When Bubba was born, I had 3 lactation consultations and 2 pediatricians check him for a tongue tie, because something just didn’t seem quite right. He wouldn’t latch on one side, and popped off very easily while breastfeeding. They all told me, “No, he’s fine!” after a quick glance in his mouth. Well…

He’s not “fine”.

I noticed over the last month, with his babbling that is basically going on 90% of the time that he isn’t sleeping, that he cannot raise his tongue on one side! I thought that was weird, so I keep trying to encourage him to lift it. It became obvious that he couldn’t, and as you might imagine, I was a little worried. So, I took my list of questions for the pediatrician and wrote down to ask her about that (my list is a mile long every visit).

Yesterday afternoon I waited in our little waiting room trying to talk myself out of it. Surely five people working specifically with babies and breastfeeding mother’s couldn’t be wrong about a tongue tie, right?


At the end of the appointment I told the doctor, “I was wondering if you could look at his tongue. He can only lift it on one side.”

*Cue doctor having a brief flash of panic on her face*

She snapped on a glove and tried to get Bubba to lift his tongue. He THOROUGHLY enjoyed this. He loves his doctor, and her showing an interest in his favorite game (sticking things in his mouth) just made his afternoon. 😉

The doctor asked, “Does he nurse the same on both sides?”

“No…We’ve always had a problem on the right.”

“Yeah, he has a tongue tie in the back, just on one side.”

I explained to her that I’d had him check half a dozen times now, and she was just about as upset as I am.

So, now we get to decided if and when we are going to have it revised. Yay tongue ties.

Need resources on tongue ties? Check out the resources herehere and here!

Does your baby have a tongue tie?

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I hope you have a great day!

New Crunchy Mom

Good morning! :)
Good morning! 🙂