Hi there!

I figured since I have a “Mommy taught you what?” series, I also need to have a “Daddy taught you what?” series!

Besides, Daddy is way funnier in his shenanigans with Bubba than I am.

Partners in crime!
Partners in crime!

My wonderful husband offered to watch Bubba while I went to the gym (a whole 3 minute walk down a flight of stairs and through the parking lot! 😉 ) If Bubba needed anything, I would probably hear the cries from the gym anyway, so I accepted the offer and hurried to find my pre-pregnancy workout clothing.

Besides the fact that my clothes were buried, I also had no clue whether they’d fit or not! :O I hadn’t even considered this, because at 3 1/2 months post postpartum, this is the first chance I’ve gotten to workout.

The multiple sports bras that I own were all missing. Awesome, “I’ll just wear a nursing bra” I thought.

Two words : Bouncy boooooobbbbs. Milky sacks of floppy glory. Oh well…

I finally found a pair of shorts while rummaging through my box of clothing. I put them on and they fell down. I’m going to blame babywearing and breastfeeding for this postpartum weight loss thing, because I haven’t been trying. :/ (I wasn’t going to the gym to drop weight, I was going to build up my muscle that I lost during pregnancy). I’m kind of sad, because I liked my curvier postpartum figure.

I finally found some workout clothing that fit and kissed my husband and Bubba goodbye. As I headed down the stairs, I already missed Bubba.

The ladies at the front desk were super excited to see me, until they saw Bubba wasn’t with me.

“HI!!! Wait, where is your baby?”

I’m chopped liver.

Oh well. I opened the door to the workout room and grabbed some weights. Somehow the ten pound weights I used felt infinitely heavier than my nearly 16 pound son. Go figure!

My boobs eventually told me Bubba was getting hungry (translation: threatened me with full on spray mode in the middle of the gym), and I headed home.

As I opened the door, I heard a HUGE belch, followed by Bubba giggling hysterically…

“Everything okay?” I asked.

I spotted a nearly empty soda can that my husband was drinking.

“Yeah! I’m just teaching him how to burp,” my husband says, nonchalantly, “He likes it!”

I blink, then look at Bubba’s big smile. My husband demonstrates his burping on demand abilities again, and Bubba nearly laughs his little cloth booty off. I sigh, knowing Daddy is now the favorite parent.

And I know where Bubba will demonstrate this skill when he learns it well…

Grandma’s house.

Thanks babe! ❤

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