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Well, this morning started with my husband waking me up to find his belt. Because I’m the keeper of the belts…? Yep. Anyways, never wake a woman who stays up with the baby all night every night if the baby so chooses. You’ll be lucky if you make it out alive. 😉

Bubba decided that since we were now awake, it was time for nursing! So I sleepily nursed him for about 10 second before I noticed my PJs getting all wet. I check, his diaper was on correctly. This meant he overfilled, and I was covered in pee. 😦

As I unsnapped him, I realized he had pooped. Silently, of course, at some point during the night. >.<

So, I looked for another cloth diaper and wipes. Then, I realized, there were none! :O Panic ensued. This was made worse by the large clap of thunder that shook our tiny apartment as I was scrambling around. I hit the deck screaming…I didn’t even know it was raining!

By this point, Bubba had realized his diaper was unsnapped and was happily going for the poop. After a quick cloth diaper rescue so he wouldn’t eat any of it, we were in the clear.

I found the cloth diapers and wipes in the dryer. Oopsy. I pulled all of them out and plopped them on the bed. Then I remembered I had a spare diaper in the diaper bag! *insert angels singing*

I ran and got it, cleaned him off, and put it on him all before he had time to pee on me, the bed, the ceiling, the floor or wall. For those of you that don’t have little boys, this is a serious accomplishment.

With that out of the way, I put Bubba down and showered him in clean diaper inserts, wipes and covers. He strangely loves this, and if I try to stuff diapers without letting him sit in a pile of cloth diaper paraphernalia, there are tears. *shrugs* What’s a mommy to do?

It's raining diapers! Well, diaper inserts...
It’s raining diapers!
These are my wipes. I cry if mommy tries to take them.
These are my wipes. I cry if mommy tries to take them.
All done!
All done!

Grandma has ordered some more cloth diapers and a wet bag! 😀 We (I mean me!) are very excited about this. They are expected to arrive on the 18th, so I will be doing a review of them shortly after that. 🙂

Oh, and you can find the hilarious video we watched (actually, I watched while Bubba nursed 😀 ) this morning by Storytime with John here. It’s worth it, trust me!


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