Hi there!

Oh my goodness. What a night Bubba and I had last night.

We cuddled until Bubba fell asleep around 9 pm. Daddy came home shortly after and we were just so excited we wouldn’t go back to sleep! Daddy is the most exciting part of our little day, after all. 🙂

After an hour Daddy decided to go to bed, so I tried getting Bubba back to sleep again. As he was latching, I noticed he sounded a little stuffy.

I immediately thought he was somehow sick, was going to die, we have to go to the hospital…(first time mom + NICU mom…it happens)

I let him nurse for a while and he fell asleep for all of 5 seconds. He sounded increasingly more stuffy and I was starting to panic.

This went on until 3 am. When, for some reason, my brain decided to join the party and I thought to look in his nose.

Holy Toledo Batman. As I looked in his nose I found the culprit of our sleepless, stuffy nosed existence. A GIANT BOOGER.

I’m not exaggerating, but I’ll spare you the pictures.

After many quizzical looks from Bubba and some giggling at me sticking a flashlight near his nose, I surveyed my options for removal. No blue bulb like in the hospital (although you had better believe I’m going to invest in one of those now). Nothing safe to put in his nose. Phewy.

My son is squirmy, so I knew this would be a difficult removal no matter what. My attempts at getting it out with my finger were futile.

Half an hour later and Bubba was wide-eyed and thought I had seriously lost my mind as I was begging him to sneeze or blow while I pushed the other nostril.

The booger was here to stay. So I named him Bob. Bob the Booger.

Another few minutes of listening to Bubba’s nose whistle and I had a brilliant idea! I squirted breast milk up his nose!

Well, that didn’t work either. 😥 I was getting desperate now! I checked the time of the local stores opening to see if there were any currently open to get a blue bulb from.

None. Not one. I was beginning to lose my mind.

So, I did what any rational person would do…called in the booger extraction team!

I mean…my husband. I went and woke up my husband. At 4 am. For a booger.

He stumbled out of his room with bleary eyes and a slightly panicked, “Did someone die?” escaped from his raspy throat.

“No,” I said sheepishly, “Bubba has a booger.”

He blinked, not knowing exactly how this involved him, or if he was still dreaming.

I tried to explain how this warranted waking him up at 4 am when he had to go to work in a few hours.

“It’s a REALLY big booger.” I told him, lowering my head in shame.

Bubba was very happy to see him, but I’m pretty sure he was wondering just what all the commotion was about with his nose.

“Whoa. That is a big booger!” My husband said as he inspected Bubba’s nostril.

After a few futile attempts at trying to get him to blow his nose, we gave up. Bob the Booger was not budging. My husband returned to his room. His quiet, non boogery room.

I told Bubba, “Guess you’ve got a pet booger.” as he gnawed on his fist. He looked up and grinned.

As I sat down to side nurse him, I  picked him up and placed him in my lap.

Bubba’s nose started to wrinkle. Before I could turn away, he sneezed!

And that’s how Bob the Booger ended up on my face. *Sigh*

I sneezed Bob the Booger on Mommy!

New Crunchy Mom