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Here is part 2 of “Mommy taught you what?” – Read at your own risk! 😉

Late Monday night, my husband and I were sitting on the floor watching a quick little video (Bubba was not facing the screen, even though he really wanted to. Poor Bubba.)

Bubba was sitting on my lap and spat up all over my PJs. I sighed, wondering how many days worth of spit up I had now collected on my skin. Bubba giggled, of course. It is his baby way to laugh at the suffering of mommy.

Then, my husband  said the most glorious words I have ever heard (well, maybe not ever, but in a long time)…

“Do you want a shower? I can take him!”

I hauled mommy booty to the shower so fast all my husband could see was a streak of color flash through the door.

I quickly got in and took inventory of all the things needed for the shower. Dagnabbit. We were missing shampoo! I decided I could live with washing my hair with bar soap. I just wanted anything to get the “breastfeeding stank” off (as it is fondly referred to in this house).

I was halfway through shaving my left leg when I hear a *manly* shriek.

Wondering if someone was dying, I quickly hopped out with a towel whipping behind me as I ran, dripping water all over our apartment floor.

As I opened the door and glanced in, I saw my husband, his face a mixture of white and green.

“Are you okay?” I asked, “What happened?”

He stuttered, his eyes wide, “Burp-burp-burp cloth. Please.”

As I looked, I saw that my lovely Bubba was laying on my husband’s bare chest in a pool of baby cheese (curled milk and spit up). Bubba looked up at me and laughed. Crazy baby.

I watched, what seemed like could only be from a movie, as Bubba turned to my husband and blew raspberries, spraying his face with baby cheese.

I fell to the floor, unable to breathe from laughing. My husband was nearly in tears, frantically clawing for something to wipe his face off with.

I said, “I’m sorry,” through my laughter, “this is my fault.”

As I handed my poor husband a rag, he was so confused and asked, “What?!”

And that’s when I confessed that, earlier that day, when Bubba had been sad and I was trying to calm him down, I’d taught him to blow raspberries…

Oopsy! 😉

Don't believe mommy, I'm cute and innocent! <3
Don’t believe mommy, I’m cute and innocent! ❤

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