Hi there!

Bubba is having such a rough time with everything right now. 😦

We went to the chiropractor this morning and he’s feeling a little better. The chiropractor has done so much to help him. I get asked a lot, “What does the chiropractor do to him? It can’t be safe!”

Well, I’ve found a video that shows exactly what baby chiropractic care looks like. It’s super gentle and he absolutely loves it! I began getting adjusted while I was pregnant and he remembered our chiropractor’s voice the first time I brought him in after he was born. Bubba nurses better, latches better, poops more often, and is happier after getting adjusted. ❤ It’s a great way to keep him a healthy, happy baby.

I’ve also heard good things about cranial-sacral therapy. We haven’t been able to do that, but perhaps in the future. It’s on my “crunchy” bucket list. 😉

The other thing that lifted Bubba’s spirits today was books. He loves all sorts of books.

Heck, I could read him an encyclopedia and it’d make him happy!

We have about half a dozen Dr. Seuss books, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”, and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?”

His favorites are “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?” and “Are you my Mother?” He is coordinated enough to try to flip the pages (backwards, but hey, it’s progress 🙂 ) and attempt to shove the books in his mouth. It’s so good to see him giggle over his favorite pages! 😀

We read all of his books (over and over and over) until he fell asleep on me ❤ Hopefully his world will be a bit better after a nap!

How is your day going?